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My first i-(Whatever), going Apple-esque


I got inspired after watching so many iPod commercials! This is one of my favourite:

The trick behind creating this Apple-esque poster is just using Photoshop’s handy Quickmask function! Here’s a short tutorial (sorry, no screenshots!).

  1. Open the image – Either drag the image into the workspace or go to File > Open…
  2. Enter quickmask mode – Press [Q] or find the button just below the foreground / background colour swatches.
  3. Painting time – Remeber to set the foreground and background colours to the default ones by just pressing [D]. Paint over the areas of the image you want to turn black (painted areas will appear red in quickmask mode, so don’t worry!).
  4. Exit quickmask mode – Press [Q] to exit. Now you’ll find the marching ants (those moving black dashed lines at the border of the selected area).
  5. Invert selection – Since you’ve painted over the selected areas of the image, you’re actually MASKING them (eg, preventing them from being modified). So you’ll have to invert your selection. Just right-click on any place on the canvas, and click Select Inverse on the menu that appears.
  6. Create new layer – Press [Ctrl] + [Shirt] + [N], select a huge brush (and make sure that the foreground colour is black, #000000), and start painting within the selected area. You don’t want to pain over the original image, so that’s why you will need a new layer!
  7. Repeat step 2 to 5 – Now select the part of the image you want to paint white (e.g. mp3 players, headphones, shoes or any objects)
  8. Create another new layer – Do not paint on the first new layer! You want to maintain editability, remember? Make sure that the foreground colour is white, #ffffff, before proceeding.
  9. And you’re done!

Do tell me if you want a more detailed tutorial :) I’ll be more than happy to share!

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