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Revenge is a dish best served cold

I sooooo in love ♥ with this line in a weekend issue of Foxtrot:

Foxtrot - Revenge is a dish best served cold - 6th of Jan, 2008

Comic © Bill Amend, published on 6th of January, 2008. Did I mention that Foxtrot is one of my favourite comic strip? Haha :mrgreen: I dig its sarcasm (plus the nerdy Jason and the rather stupid Paige)! Anyway Foxtrot has ceased dailies a few years back, but Bill Amend is nice enough to bring it to us on weekends!

Random Facts Meme

Vivacious, cute, lovely, artistic but evil :twisted: Ivy tagged me for it because she wants revenge for the five vices meme that I’ve tagged her for. Okay, as you wish, here it is!

Once you’ve been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about yourself — at the end choose 5 people to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re It!” and to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you.

So here we go.

  1. My childhood doll - Mr PotatoI have a toy that is older than me – it’s Mr Potato! And HELL NO it’s not the Mr Potato Head you find in the stores or in Toy Story, nor is it the mascot of some random potato chip manufactuer. It’s authentically mine. My mom bought it to add it to her collection one year before I was born – this makes my dear Mr Potato 20 years old! It has been a good listener and comforter i during my childhood years. When I was five, a male flight attendant saw me carrying it around and joked that “Oh my why do I see still young boys carrying dolls?” which inflicted an angry stare from me. I remembered bringing it to my middle school dorm by hiding it in my closet (I don’t want anyone to know I keep a doll), but one day one of the nastier friend got hold of it and tore it’s legs apart. I cried for a week after that, and finally mom got her friend to stitch it up for me – she’s so nice that she did not only repaired his legs but also gladly donated an old pair of denim jeans for the new shirt he’s wearing! Since then I kept it safely in my closet away from curious hands and prying eyes, and I’ve brought it out today to have it photographed for you :)
  2. I am afraid of mannequins – I find that rather spooky! Being extremely similar to humans, the plastic bearing humanoid shapes and curvatures simply evokes a strong sense of revulsion within me. I find the sight of people dismantling mannequins into smaller parts (limbs, head, torse and etc.) very unsettling. My reaction towards mannequins made me to somewhat believe in the Uncanny Valley theory – when robots and other facsimiles of humans look and act almost, but not entirely, like actual humans, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers.
  3. My BEST dreams always end at the BEST part – this theory stands true since the day I told it to my mom when I was seven. It was a Sunday morning when I suddenly woke up from a dream of having my parents bring me to a huge waterpark. I was about to splash down the longest ever water slide on earth… and realising that I’ve just wet my bed. And then a few weeks ago when I was angry when my mom woke me up because I dreamt about being invited to a friends’ wedding where they’re a lot of good food (the last time I checked, I remembered dreaming about drumsticks, Korean barbeque, Japanese udon, pizza, breezers, sandwiches and etc). When I was about to dig in she woke me up. DANG!
  4. I am short and light – At 160cm I’m one of the shortest 19-year-olds you can ever find on the street. I’m reluctant to reveal my weight because if I ever, ever do that, you’ll probably report my parents to the child protection services for fear of them abusing me. I eat a lot, swim a lot and cycle a lot, I just can’t figure out why I can’t get some extra height and put on some extra fat (or muscle, I don’t care, I just need more MASS). And I have narrow shoulders, a very un-masculine trait and people will probably see me as infertile (well, scientific study says that females prefer guys who have wider shoulders. I’m doomed!)
  5. I can pull my hand through a ring formed using your palm, thumb and middle finger – I’ve tried it on many friends and my hands can gracefully squeeze through almost all of them (except for a few who have stubby and ‘obese’ fingers). That’s one unqiue trick that I can pull but you can’t!
  6. I have a creative and a scientific mind – a very weird combination. That’s my diagnosis when I sat for not one but several career tests. I scored very high in artistic / creativity and logic / analysis, and the person who conducted the test had a hard time finding a list of suitable jobs for me. And at last he settled for Environmental Engineering, Urban Planning and Architecture. I went against all the choices and opted to get into Life Sciences in university.
  7. I don’t watch horror flicks – my uncle said it right – why waste money on something that will scare you, make you sleepless for nights and make you think that it’s better to wet your bed rather than to go to the toilet at midnight? After watching my first horror flick, Darkness Falls (which gave everyone a lousy scare as it was one of the worst movies ever made, but I was genuinely scared!), I vowed never ever to watch anything that has to do with ghosts.
  8. I bought my one and only HTML bible at 13 – and it punches a big hole in my piggy bank. It costs around MYR180+ (I know, I know, it’s a rip off because I could’ve just learn HTML myself online), and I finished reading that 500+ pages thick book in a week!
  9. I could speak Javascript… back then – after purchasing my first HTML bible (see above!), I got interested in webdesign and layout – I surfed the web for countless Javascript tutorials and finally, I mastered the language and was able to speak Javascript as if it’s my second language. BUT after 5 years of disuse, I can only call for the document.write and alert function using Javascript – nothing more than that. How sad.
  10. teddY-risatioN is going to be my first and final blog – when this blog turned three last July, I told myself that I shold never let anything stop me from blogging since then. And I swear not to change my blog title (and URL, if I can restraint myself, since teddy-o-ted.com sounds like kids stuff) until the day I stop blogging.

And the sky falls on…

  1. Han – for tagging me to do the evil Five Vices Meme! Remember, revenge! :twisted:
  2. Aisyah – for being a great designer and a wonderful blogger!
  3. Brandy – for introducing me Naked CSS Day (thanks!) and I heard you love doing memes!
  4. Nel – for getting her new contacts!
  5. Cherngyo – for being one of my greatest friends!

For the people who have the sky falling on their heads, do inform me if you don’t do memes – I’ll get another innocent victim to replace you :) and if you’re in a dire need to do meme, feel free to tag yourself AND inform me, I’ll be linking you as well.

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