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Ken leee, tulibu dibu douchoo

You’re a genius if you can figure out what this title means :) anyway, thanks to SilverIsle for sharing the phenomenal YouTube video, my eyeballs nearly fell out from that intense laughter than took me over as I watched her YouTube plug. I didn’t realise Ken Lee is one of the most watched videos for the past month, I feel so outdated!

Here you go, Ken Lee!

In case you’re craving for background information, the lady who sang Ken Lee (who insisted that she sang in English and the song is Ken Lee instead of Without You by Mariah Carey) is Valentina Hasan (Bulgarian: Валентина Хасан), a contestant auditioning for the Bulgarian show Music Idol in February 2008. The simple reason for the funny way she sang it:

Hasan explained to the Bulgarian media that she actually used to listen to the song “when she was 15,” using a cassette recorder, and “sang it the way she felt it.”

I’m not being rude, but I really had a good laugh.

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