Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Don’t look outside the window

And when the sky is falling, don’t look outside the window.
– Or the sky’ll fall on your head, I presume.

Title: Change Your Mind (album: Move Along)
By: The All American Rejects

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I guess I’ve been really unlucky lately – it feels exactly like streching your neck out of a window for fresh air and you just realised the sky has fallen on your head. Ouch.

No, not the stray dogs!

I didn’t understand how on earth did I provoke their wrath. Normally when I cycle past them (at some distance, of course – I didn’t want to get bitten!) they’ll usually just stare at me. Then in two separate incidents with two different packs of dogs, I found myself in the centre of attention.

Two days ago I was cycling past a plant nursery when raging waters of the huge monsoon drain caught my attention. I walked on a bridge to stare at the scene with great awe when I suddenly heard a muffled bark. I ignored the first one but when the second and third came along, I turned around to see 2 meanacing dogs staring at me. Knowing that running away will provoke their animalistic instinct of hunting down fast-moving preys, I walked slowly towards my bike, hopped on and peddled away like a madman. They gave chase! I was sweating all over my palms I couldn’t really hold on to the handles well, but luckily they stopped after the second junction because of the heavy traffic (and I nearly got ran over by a van).

Then yesterday when I was navigating through a tight turn with my bike, 5 (yes, freaking five!!!) dogs started running towards me from the blind corner, one (I presume it’s the, urm, alpha male dog) tired to actaully leap onto my bike. I was so terrified! I felt the hair on my neck all stood up, and my leg going soft and feeling wobbly from fear. What if I get bitten? It’ll be nasty. I nearly went into imaging how it feels to have sharp canine teeth tearing and ripping through my meat. Yucks!

Braces don’t only cut your cheeks, sweetie

I know those wires jutting out from both ends of the braces will cut your cheeks, but I never thought they’ll cut your fingers like sharp edges of the paper as well. I was cleaning my braces yesterday night after dinner, starting from using my fingers to remove larger chunks of stuck veg and meat (well you’ll be grateful that I didn’t do it at the dining table, mom! I did it in the toilet…), when the sharp end of the wire cut through my index finger like paper. And yes it surely hurts, it felt exactly like a paper cut. Now I’m a little phobic about using my fingers now – I use a combination of two toothpicks to substitute for my fingers.

P.S. day two into the annual CSS Naked Day, I’m missing my stylesheet very badly!

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