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Running Around Naked… Without CSS

CSS Naked Day \'08

No it’s not a late April Fool joke. It’s for real!

Just like how the world observed an hour of darkness without illumination from lightbulb (well, that’s Earth Hour if you’ve forgotten what it was), the web is taking on an annual festival – disabling your website’s CSS stylesheet for 48hours starting on April 9th. I just learnt about it from Brandy’s blog, it sounds really fun – and most importantly, it lets you appreciate how much wonder and magic Cascading Stylesheets has brought to bloggers, blog readers, website visitors and webdesigners alike.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ will be naked without CSS for 48 hours. I’m not going to care how ugly this blog looks – what really matters to me is that I’ve shown my appreciation of CSS and its developers!

Of course you can join, no matter whether you’re a blogger or not.

Have some naked fun!

When: 9th of April, 2008
Where: Your website, your blog or anything of yours that relies on the all-mighty CSS! It’s basically an Internet phenomenon across the globe.
What: Remove any CSS stylesheets associated with your site. And that’s all! Short and sweet.

If you’re interested, don’t forget to check out the main page of CSS Naked Day. There is where you’ll get a whole load of information behind the meaningful event, and don’t forget to sign up (but promise that you’ll strip your blog bare on that day!).

There’s even a WordPress plugin for it! :razz:

Strip your blog bare, run naked around without CSS, laugh at how others’ (and my) blog look hilariously ugly without it. Drop a comment, give some love. Most importantly, be proud!

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun! And if possible, help to spread the word!

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