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When The Fire Fades Away

When the fire fades away is part of the lyrics for the song, Other Side of the World, by KT Tunstall. It’s a very nice song, and thank God someone invented YouTube which makes music sharing not so illegal anymore. We call it music appreciation :) teehee!

KT Tunstall

Anyway she is throwing a big concernt in Singapore today, I hated that mom stopped me from going and told me that I should be spending my pocket money more wisely. Pfft! If spending good money on quality songs and concerts isn’t the wisest way around, what is can be possible wiser than that? Burning them to keep myself warm?

People say that she doesn’t have an interesting, captivating voice, but I find that unique and gawky charm in it, setting her apart from other singers :razz: if you’ve listened to her song, Suddenly I See (Youtube pluggie), you’ll definitely know what I mean.

Here’s the song - Other Side of the World. Enjoy!

I thought Id will be catching KT Tunstall’s concert in Singapore (as far as I know, she’s quite a fan of hers!), but I heard that she’s back in her hometown for a well-deserved break. Drop by her awesome photoblog and leave a comment? Thanks!

[Edit]: I wanted to attach the products of my evening photoshoot today, and when I was making plans to photoshop into the night, mom gets upset that I’m staying up so late and she told me that what I’m doing is absolute crap, and that I can do it on any other day. She seriously owes photography an apology – photography is a form of art and not something that you can trample on when you get frustrated that your baby boy is not sleeping early :evil: It’s not your doormat, mom.

Gah! And since I’m going down to Singapore again this Friday (which is tomorrow!) for something urgent, I’ll be unable to reply your comments until Saturday… so hang in there! I’m gravely sorry for the delay. Take care and have a great weekend! I’ll most probably be Twittering from my phone, but I hope that won’t add up too much to the bill because I’m actually texting to Twitter’s UK number :shock: eeks.

Nites. I hope my anger fades away just like fire.

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