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When Words Can’t Spell: OUCH!!!

Well, that’s gonna hurt!

I was doing a random surfing session on the web when I stumbled upon this image from a forum, whcih is linked from, oddly enough, a WordPress thread. I’ve taken it from the forum directly without any form of editing and gave credit to the forum for hosting it (I did a quick search for it in Flickr but it turned out to have no such photo uploaded). Click on it the view it larger!

What really interests me is the expression of the spectators. I have them magnified here:

Reactions from spectators

Look at their horrified, wide-mouthed faces! The evil part of my is smirking, but I know the fall will definitely hurt more than just a mere Ouch!

[Edit]: I just realised something interesting! If you try to draw straight lines from the people’s faces towards the top of the photo (following the direction their faces are facing), you’ll get the precise location of the “flying” person :)

:idea: I never thought of trying drawing the lines out, but since Id says she’ll try it, I think I should give it a shot as well! So here it is – hover your mouse to reveal the actual location of the flying biker, and click on it to remove the lines (I’ve photoshopped the photo to remove the biker – just a little darkroom tweaking)

Tracing lines

Now this is pure cheese!

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