Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

A Little Magic Will…

Actually, you don’t really need to be Mr Harry Potter. Whipping up a little magic will…

Make someone’s day

Smashp0p’s Birthday It’s smashp0p‘s birthday today – so don’t forget to drop him just a short and sweet birthday note to him and make him feel the birthday love, shall we? :razz: Although he’s promising to choose a blogger who posts this image on his/her blog and make him/her a dazzling new blog header, I’m not digging one since I’ve violated the rules (by displaying a thumbnail instead of the full one, but you can click on it!) and I think I should reserve this rare chance to someone who needed a new blog header more than me :)

Perk up your blog

I’m been staring at my computer screen and typing furiously off the keyboard to give my other blog pages a little bit of reorganising. The revamped pages are: About, Contact, Links, Resources and the brand new CSS Tutorials page (there’s only one CSS tutorial so far). I’ve decided to do this because the page layouts have been pretty outdated as compared to the rest of the blog, their styling is generally inherited from many of the previous themes without much changes. So this time I’ve decided to add in a little magic to make them more presentable.

The links page was the most horrendous of all. It was initially just a plain ol’ simple list without much styling. After giving it much though I have thrown away the <?php wp_list_bookmarks('arguments'); ?> (read up on it at WordPress codex?) argument for aesthetic reasons (and partially due to my repeated failure to style it into a decently-looking list of links). Then I was desperately surfing through my usual blogosphere haunts when I think Ivy‘s link page looks really awesome, so I’ve decided roughly what I want my links page to look like before I start styling mindlessly again. Thanks Ivy for the inspiration, I hope you don’t mind that!

Give you nice teeth!

If you’re afraid of dental procedures, DO NOT PROCEED (in other words, proceed at your own risk).

Well what I am really yearning for is two rows of neatly arranged teeth – I’m getting bored with my rather hideous arrangement of mine, having two horribly misplaced teeth. So while I wait for university to start, my parents decided to give me a little makeover magic by getting me to do braces! I wanted that a few years back but they’ve decided it will be too troublesome – and now it’s the time!

After two trips to the dentist for rather painless tooth extraction procedures (I lost 4 teeth, anyway) and another to get the little metal anchos cemented on my teeth, I’m ready for braces! But when the dentist tightened the wires I felt like screaming because they’re pulling my teeth apart. For the first day it felt like a blur, my front incissors were so pain I can’t bite into a piece of bun. Now it’s day two and counting, I’m feeling a lot better now!

Dental Braces Diary #2

See that two little screw-like stubs? The dentist uses them to tighten the wire *yeowch!* I’m now officialy Mr Ugly Betty :mrgreen:

Have a great weekend ahead!

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