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Aunt’s Little Paradise

Aunt’s House - A small little paradise

I’ve made a trip to my aunt’s little paradise! Her home is a 20-minute drive away from mine and is located in a quaint, picturesque gated community :) very lovely! My grandma was visiting and she wanted to stay over at my aunt’s house (which she shares with my grandaunt), and I immediately jumped on the chance for a visit. Since there is quite a number of rather huge photos and it’s unfair to let people with slower connection to wait, I’ve tucked everything else under the readmore tag.

The panorama above looks a littke cranky in the middle (especially the top) because of the heavy curvature – Autostitch can’t handle too much of it.

Anyway, my aunt does keep a blog, but it’s in Chinese.

P.S. To my regular commentators, I’m sorry that I’m unable to leave comments at your blogs lately because I’m overwhelmed with university application. Will return to normal in a few days, thanks for your patience! :grin:

Her Garden

My aunt’s home is actually a split-level one – each successive floors are half-floor apart. The front has two floors while the back has another three, connected with stairs. My aunt has a green thumb – she’s very good at gardening and has pots of plants meticulously positioned in her frontyard. She keeps her lovely little water lettuce in a pot:

Aunt’s House - Afloat #1

Aunt’s House - Afloat #2


Oh, and she keeps air plants as well! They’re neatly arranged on the shoe rack in her porch. The Welcome sign is just so adorable, isn’t it?

Aunt’s House - Green Thumb

Interior Decor

My aunt never ever fail to impress me with her taste for interior decoration! She lives in a home I deem as dreamy :razz: if I have the chance to move it, I’ll definitely grab it! She has a love for IKEA furnitures, which I’m so impressed about because I personally adore IKEA’s products – they’re elegant and minimalistic, and don’t look horribly extravagant.

Aunt’s House - Interior Decor

Her dining area is one of the best part of her house! Look at how the glass table matches the glass doors and windows in the background – and she uses a lot of natural lighting as well. By merely imagining myself dining in that room makes me tremble with excitement.

Quaint Neighbourhood

She lives in a gated community, means that anybody who wishes to get in has to get pass the guards first. And the guards are so friendly when they know you personally (we’ve been there a few times and they’ve been very helpful and courteous).

Most importantly, they have this cute little infinity pool right at the heart of the neighbourhood! Since I went there on weekdays, there wasn’t any single one around the pool and I have it all to myself! Woots :mrgreen: Here’s a HDR of the pool, click it for the original file which opens up in the nifty lightbox (there’s a WordPress plugin for it as well).

HDR - Infinity Pool

I was too lazy to take seven photos to merge into one HDR, so I took three instead. Too bad I use a consumer-grade camera which doesn’t have auto exposure bracketing. If you want to know more about creating your own HDR, you can visit my tutorial (or Google it if you prefer others).


And here’s a panorama of the infinity pool. It’s heavily shrunk to fit in the post container, so if you want to see it in a larger size, click on the image.

Panorama - Infinity Pool

Panorama is stitched together from three separate images using Autostitch.


Finally, a HDR and panorama combo to end this post :roll: it’s one of the very few HDR panorama I’ve posted so far because making it is pretty tedious. Note – this panorama is different from the above (quite obvious from the camera’s perspective). Click on the image to view the larger version.

HDR Panorama - Infinity Pool

This wraps up my trip to my aunt’s little paradise!

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