Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

I’m Back!

I went back to Singapore to collect my Cambridge A Level results :) I can only say that I’ve done better than I’ve expected, my results came as a big surprise to me. Thank you everyone for being so concerned and your best wishes! Now back to the main post.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Gamma is now V1.1

After spending a few weeks ironing out some wrinkles and optimising on some CSS styling, I guess it’s time to announce that this theme is ready to move on to version 1.1 :razz: here is a list of changes (some of which are not very obvious):

1. Author Highlight and Threaded Comments
This will be the biggest (and most obvious) improvement so far. Now you can respond to other people’s comments personally, by just clicking the “Respond to this comment” link directly below a comment. And now comments left by me will be highlighted with a special CSS class, so as for the responses to specific comments made by others. You can see how it works by clicking me (screenshots opens up in lightbox). The stripes are made by the very convenient, idiot-proof and AJAX-powered Stripe Generator. Author highlighting is possible without the plugin – you can actually tweak the php code in the theme’s file, comments.php, but I guess having a plugin is way easier! Plugins used are Author Highlight and WP Threaded Comments respectively. Special thanks to Ivy for recommending these two plugins!

2. Embed images in your comments!
You can now embed images in your comments! It’s actually pretty easy, made possible by a simple plugin called Comment Image Embedder. It comes with a tiny script that offers your readers a chance to embed an image in your comment :razz: anyway, I’ve slightly tweaked the plugin so that it displays a link to your embeded image in a lightbox instead of directly in your comment to prevent taking up too much space… if you prefer to have your image directly displayed in your comment, feel free to tell me! But remember – you’ll need to host the image elsewhere, like on Flickr, Imageshack (it’s highly recommended that you register for a free account so your uploaded images will not get deleted), Photobucket and etc.

3. Removal of Live Comment Preview
I’m not sure whether is this a good thing or not, but as far as I know, not a lot of people actually look at their comment preview before posting :) it’just help you to confirm that you’ve done your HTML coding correctly – because if you fail to close a HTML element, the errors will show up in the live comment. But I’m always open to suggestion, tell me if you want it back.

4. Spreading the love of linking
Although people say that this plugin will encourage your readers to comment more, I prefer to say that CommentLuv will thank your commentators on your behalf by graciously adding a link to their latest blog posts (if they entered a blog URL, that is) at the end of their comments. I guess nothing beats having you linked in your own comment!

5. Showing top commentators
The WordPress plugin, Show Top Commentators, allows me to keep track of the top 10 commentators of my blog, plus links back to their blogs to spread the love of linking as well :) hehe!

6. Cleaner, more organised blog archive
I’m always bothered by how ugly, untidy and disorganised my blog archive looks like – it was a total disaster before I installed SRG Clean Archives, which cleaned everything up :D one of the best WordPress blog archive plugin ever published, I must say!

7. Display of codes
Made possible by Veerle‘s styling method, so the credits go to her :) I admire her simple and sophisicated CSS styling (you can see it for yourself on her blog!)… here’s a screenshot of how it looks like:

Display of Codes

8. New navigation bar
I guess this feature is sorely needed after I’ve decided to remove a row of essential links in the footer section (because the footer is way too huge!), and when I was worried where should I place them, a blank space on the top-right-hand corner of my header caught my eye – so I’ve decided to place them there, redesigned the links of course!

New navigation bar

And before I end, here are the tag replies!

Tag replies

lix: Oh haha sorry! The reflection in the water looks way better than the actual view itself… that must be really something!

LogicYuan: Same here – high five!

smashp0p: Hello! :)

Tungz: Thanks for your really sweet compliments, heheh!

lix: That’s what I’m thinking too! KT Tunstall is a really good song-writier and singer, I love her songs to bits! Maybe you would want to try her Blackhorse and the Cherry Tree.

bobby: Thank you!!!

smashp0p: Haha yea! I was fretting over what to do with a plain photo when I saw this National Geographic magazine laying on my study table and the frame-in-frame idea just came around the corner!

LogicYuan: Yea, have fun watching them!

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