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Youtube Digs

Youtubing was never so fun for me! I so bored yesterday, I coaxed myself to kill it by randomly clicking on video links on Youtube. And it works! Video therapy works! Here are 5 videos I think you should really watch:

1. If you think I swear way too much…

Onride footage of roller coaster X, at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Watch this video. The last time I counted, he yelled SH#T 10 times and F@*K another 6. I was laughing my butt off! If you’re the one that can get bored easily, try watching from 50th second onwards – it’s still hilarious!

2. How about a prank?

Japanese girls nearly get scared to death by an evil prank!

I must admit it’s a prank that is more on the scarier side. Gee, luckily there wasn’t a stampede or something.

3. Another prank (okay it’s not scary)

Oops, you’ve made a hole on your pants!

I guess the funniest part of this video is the reaction of the people sitting beside the prankster :D heheh.

4. What are you thinking about?

Being good at English is extremely important. I think what really made me break out in laughter is the music at the very last part! ROFLMAO.

5. Cheer up!

Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall! She is definitely going to be one of my favourite singers!

The use of this song in the starting video montage of the movie Devil Wears Prada shot her to fame :) a very nice song indeed!

If you have funny videos to share, post them in your comments :razz: thanks!

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