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Every 4 Years, You’ll Get Today

Sorry that this post can a little late! I was a party animal very sleepy yesterday night, so I can’t make it to my laptop without falling asleep.

You’re 4 years older

This day comes around every 1095.726597 days, which is February the 29th :) if you have forgotten, 2008 is indeed a leap year! First of all, a big happy birthday to those who are born on this day – I really pity them because they only get to celebrate their birthdays every 4 years. Famous February 29th babies include rapper Ja Rule and heartthrob Antonia Sabato Jr :razz: may all February 29th babies enjoy this 24 hours that happens to come around only every 4 years!

Tagged by Han – Five vices meme!

Thank you so much, Han, for tagging me :) she made me do this Five vices meme. It has been ages since I was last tagged! It surely sounds fun revealing disgusting stuff that I do. Let’s get started.

The to-do list!

  1. List five vices you have, with a description if you want to.
  2. Tag five bloggers for this meme.
  3. Link back to the blogger who tagged you, and this post if you want to be nice!

1. Swearing
I bet everybody does that from time to time. I did that all the time in high school (it was an all-guys environment back then), but then the transition to college forced me to tune down a little. My vocabulary includes the infamous four-letter word, plus a spectrum of others. The best one I’ve heard so far is… fulgy. Don’t use it unless you know what you’re doing, or the sky’ll fall on your head.

2. Playing innocent when found guilty
When something goes wrong I’ll either try to act stupid, find someone as my scapegoat and run as far away as possible, or if I’m stranded, I’ll just do the finger-pointing and blame-apportioning act that every cunning coworker does.

3. Eyeball flipbacks
My favourite way of showing displeasure and annoyance when I’m not happy. I know it doesn’t look good but heck, it works (in terms of frustrating others).

4. Bitching
I realised I’m pretty good at it, although I’m not supposed to. I was once caught in a heated argument with an annoying doofus, and he was babbling off things that I don’t quite understand. Then I started to fake sneezing, and when he asked, I said, Sorry but I’m allergic to bullshit. HAHA! But I don’t do catfights, because I don’t have long fingernails.

5. Spilling the beans
I spilled a lot of beans in high school (so much so that nobody dared to even talk to me). The school even needed to draw funds to get a classroom converted to a room to store my beans. I’ve spilled way too much! And now I have nothing to spill. But after a painful lesson, I realised that it’s better to keep the beans than to spill ‘em. Heh :)

Now this is the fun part (heheh), I’ll be selecting other 5 people to do this meme! In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Ivy
  2. Dakota
  3. Yanni
  4. Nonnie
  5. Eddy

Tag Replies!

LogicYuan: LOL :razz: and now I have!

henbima: Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it! For the footer design, I’ll explain it in the next update, sorry for the delay! Anyway you’ve been linked :)

lix: It’s party caused by the clouds and of my lousy technique. I just realised that I could use gradients instead of brushes in Photoshop (if you know what I mean, that is)… haha! I just realised the reflection of the sky looks better than the sky itself, lol!

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