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Paper Diary #2 and More

Paper Diary #002

Notebook texture is kindly created and shared by Sanami276, and just like the previous paper diary, the font used is Teenage Angst. Id has a good point there – the font looks a little too cheerful for it’s name “angst”. Hmmm :)

If you have time to continue reading (the More part of this post), please do so :razz: oh and the tag replies are nested inside as well. Sorry! I don’t want this post to get too cluttered.

A little disappointed

Today I felt a little sad because I found out that you never really cared about my feeling since the start. I treated you with respect, and bailed you out of your problems when you needed help. I stayed up late waiting for that miserable reply, I cried my heart out on my birthday when you didn’t even wished me when you walked pass me.

After sacrificing so much personal freedom for you, being tied down numerous times by your timetable, and this is what I get?

And now I can only hide in the shadows and looking mournfully at you from your back. I don’t even dare to see you in person anymore.

You shattered me.

You were the air that I breathe, the chicken soup of my soul. You were the light in the dark, the glowing matchstick in the wind.

When I fell, you stampeded on me. You stripped me bare of my dignity, made me live for months with shame.

I lie naked on the floor. I’m already torn.

Why am I such a failure?

I’m worried.

The little kitten my brother and I unofficially adopted in the backyard seemed to have an eye injury. She (anyway, it’s a her) right eye was shut when we visited her, although the other one was wide open. She was stumbling, her walking gait was affected.

Should we bring her to the vets? I thought. But I don’t think we have enough money, and mom would get mad if we wasted (in her perspective, that is) our pocket money on that poor littke whining kitten.

I wanted to kiss her lightly on her head.

Today when we went back to the same old place and got ourselves prepared to see the worst, she’s doing fine! Maybe she got into a fight yesterday, I thought.

She’s Fine!

Get well soon my little angel *hugs*

Tag Replies!

LogicYuan: Oats is a healthy food! It also soaks up all that bad cholesterol in your blood, and yeap it prevents your body from stocking up all that irritating belly fats. 5 tablespoon for dinner is quite a lot! So you replace rice with it? :)

Nicholas: Thank you! I’m actually quite a newbie to designing :D heh. I’m not good at creating WP themes because of all the nasty php stuff, which will most probably drive me nuts if I ever dare to attempt. I just browse through the screenshots of the free wordpress themes online, think of a good design, grab a template to start off with and I’m in business!

Artix: Haha at least having her is better than having you-know-who (sorry it isn’t really convenient for me to write his name here). Thanks! Glad that Apollo won 4 prizes, athough that’s a little too much, lol!

momo: Woah you’re participating in another drama production? Sounds really cool! Depends la, see whether I got time or not.

samantha: Seriously IKEA’s products are top-notch! I like the store design, the handicap-friendly facilites, family-oriented shopping style… and their furnitures! OMG they’re really beautiful. I’m fine! Jobless though!

That’s all for today!

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