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Dear Lydia

Lydia Shum Dear Lydia,

Today morning I woke up to rumours of your passing. Dad told me that you’ve passed away, I thought I’ve heard wrongly. You were putting up a very brave front against your liver cancer, diagnosed a few years back. Everyone wished that you could recover, reappear on the TV screens.

Then came nightfall, when TVB aired snippets of one of the 100 films you’ve acted in and another 5000 episodes of variety show you’ve hosted. I can’t believe that the old cheerful, tardy and loving Lydia has left us. Forever.

Affetionately known as Fei Fei or Fei Jie (in cantonese, Fatty and Fat Sister respectively), you definitely revolutionised  the Hongkong entertainment scene. You’ve defined laughter and joy, you were the main anchor of so many variety shows. You were the benchmark, the absolute standard of a good, friendly host.

I remember your signature voice, sharp and loud. I remember your signature glasses, black and huge. I remember your hairstyle, curly and fluffy.

I grown up watching your sitcoms and TV shows. I miss your unqiue laughter and your cheerful self. Do you know how much it burns me to see you skinny and pale, being pushed around in a wheelchair, desperately avoiding the inconsiderate and tabloid-thirsty paparazzi? Do you know how much I wished that you could conquer your illness, and continue your seemingly endless endeavour in the entertainment arena?

I followed your Singapore-made sitcom, Living With Lydia. I adored your performance :) it’s awesome. You can literally give life to sitcoms… your unqiue personality is irreplacable.

But at least, leaving this world means leaving all the pain behind. Leaving for a silent, peaceful, picturesque place.

Your departure is a tragic loss to the entertainment arena. Not only Hongkong – you’ve got fans from almost everywhere around the world.

You’ll be well missed. Do rest in peace. My prayers are up for you.

So this is goodbye :cry:

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