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5 Sites You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Here are 5 sites that you wouldn’t want to miss, especially for webdesigners who design templates and layouts.

Stripe Generator 2.0

Webdesign - Stripe Generator

Over at Stripe Generator, you’ll be able to create your own tiled stripes (means that when you repeat them in a background, their 4 sides blend into each other seamlessly. This also explains why the diagonal fade-away stripes at the side of my blog container tile vertically so perfectly… becayse they’ve included a tile function.

Anyway here’s a graphical way of explaining tiling – the tiled pattern on the left, is repeated 20+ times on the right, and you’ll see a perfect fit for all 4 edges and no visible seams.

Webdesign - Stripe Generator - Tiled

Tartan Maker

Webdesign - Tartan Maker

Tartan Maker, another pattern generator, creates tiled patterns that reminds me of tablecloths :) I think they’re cute and lovely! And of course they’ve got a huge gallery of other people’s tartans, and you’re free to download or modify them to your liking.

Tabs Generator

Webdesign - Tabs Generator

If you think designing custom tab background is way too hard and complicated, you’ll definitely fall in love with Tabs Generator! You can specify a lot of properties for your to-be tab backgrounds, including size of curved edges. You can even create background with gradients inside the tabs. But the inconvenient truth is, you’ll have to know a bit about CSS and HTML before implementing the tabs into your layout – it’ll take some time. Maybe I’ll post a tutorial someday, but still, it rocks!

Image Reflection Maker

Webdesign - Image Reflection Maker

If you would want an easier way out of creating image reflections in Photoshop (this’ll bring you to my tutorial), Image Reflection Maker comes to your help :razz: what you need is just get yourself armed with the URL of an uploaded image or have it in your harddrive. One thing to keep in mind though – there seems to be no transparency support, thus the background color option provided. Be sure what background colour your reflected image will be placed in (so, check your page background colour) – and then enter the hex colour code into the field (or you can use their lovely colour picker!).


Webdesign - Thumbalizr

Tired of all the cropping and merging you need to do if you wanted to create a screenshot of your blog / webpage? Thumbalizr gives you two options – to capture your submitted webpage in screen mode or in page mode (the latter will create a screenshot from the top to the veyr bottom of the page, thus page mode). However, thumbalizr’s screenshot machine seems to be less patient about waiting for certain images to load as well as the content in HTML iframes, but I guess it beats having you desperately cropping and combining screenshots in Photoshop.

And after a long break, here are your tag replies!

To all those who wished me happy CNY: Happy CNY to you too! :) thanks for dropping by and tagging!

allie: I’ve relinked your blog already, thanks for informing!

smashp0p: It’s actaully MY pleasure to link you, heh!

siyun: I guess I won’t be able to make it for the gathering on the 23rd. I’m getting braces now, and I need really soft food to chew on, hahh :)

samantha: Actually it’s my second time there, lol! I felt so pathetic… I mean, living so near and being there only twice?! Lol :razz: I know there’s IKEA across the road, and Marche is at The Street area right, if I’m not wrong. Cool! Anyway thanks for your compliments, hah.

Nicholas: Happy super duper belated V’day to you too! Urm my photoshop skills are so-so only.

cherngyu: You’re linked! Woots!

jen: Maybe… but it’s addictive, seriously!

sophia: Hey soph thanks for tagging :D I’m having a great (actually, it’s boring) time back at home. I’m jobless, unlike most of you, haha! You take care too!

LogicYuan: Thank you! Actually the coloured pens are part of my macro set I’ve decided to do to kill boredoom one night. I never thought it will turn out so nice!

Levine: Sometimes simpler is beautiful! Too much clutter will actually uglify :( haha!

iCalvyn: Thanks!

Eric: I’m using a consumer-grade camera, Pentax Optio S55. It looks very amateurish, but if you get to know it well, you can take pretty nice photos with it too.

yueqi: Happy super duper belated V’day! Haha! The kitten is so cute, I must agree :) it lives in a small alley at the border of my neighbourhood, every Wednesday my brother and I will buy satay or drumsticks and feed it :D the worst feeling is seeing how the kitten is enjoying the meat but we can’t even eat it (because we’ve came to a common consensus that the kitten needs more food than we do)

lix: Because they’re meant to be eaten. Go fetch a printer and print the photos out, and it gives you all the nutrients you need for the day. Joking!

smashp0p: Haha yeap! Took me 3 days to do it… and about 6~8 hours a day! ><

samantha: I’m doing fine, except for the painful jaws because I’m getting my braces done :( ouch. Oh anyway yeap the zig markers photo is used in our grad day video :) thanks!

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