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Back from Penang – HDR

I’m finally back from Penang after a two-week stay. It’s quite an enriching journey for me, especially the last day of the week when my aunt passed me a 50 dollar note for helping her at her grocery store :razz: I was so elated – it was my first paycheck! The monetary gain doesn’t really matter, since I wasn’t even looking forward for a pay or something when I helped her out. I’m simply thankful because she’s such a nice person.

Of course living in a new environment makes me crave for chances to take photos, so over my two-week stint I’ve taken nothing less than 500 photos, although half of which are devoted to HDR and panoramas.

I’ll be releasing the photos over a few posts, a method I’ve got inspired by the way Ingsiang releases his photos. As what the post title suggests, this post will be purely HDRs taken from my grandma’s house :mrgreen:

The photo below is my second HDR panorama (the first one is over here), the view from my grandma’s house balcony, overlooking the barren landscape of a previous village, after it’s occupants were evicted for a housing project which is yet to begin (that puzzles me). It’s a clickable panorama, the larger one opens up in the lightbox.

Bukit Mertajam, a HDR Panorama


The HDR below is taken from the rooftop. I found myself squatting on the melting concrete and squinting my eyes to look at the LCD as I tried to compose the shoot. It was miserable, but the effect came out pretty nicely. Some post processing includes removing a rather irritating clothes line that sliced across the entire HDR. In case you’re wondering, it was 3pm in the afternoon.



And here’s one of my favourite :razz: shot close up against a pool of water that collected underneath the compressor unit of an air conditioner, with the TV antaena in focus. I like the way the afternoon sun appeared in the photo :)



I think it’s time for some linking love! If you have the time, try to follow up the five links below, and drop a comment if possible. I’m linking them because they’re great reads!

  1. Smashp0p (aka Jason Goh) finds himself in gorgeous Sydney! Stay tuned to his updates, he’llbe spamming his Sydney photos really soon.
  2. Eye-catching fireworks from Ingsiang. And if you love digging out amazing stuff from Flickr, why not paying his Flickr page a visit?
  3. Ivy made her first debut video on hamsters. An interesting way to welcome the year of Mouse in the Chinese zodiac.
  4. Rames shared with us his happy, joyous moments of his life, in photos! Don’t forget to vote for him in Happy Moments as well!
  5. Yanni has loads of photos from her Sentosa Trip to show! I never knew Sentosa to be such a beautiful place.

And before I end this post, I need your comment on something. I’m working on a new WordPress theme for my blog, and I’m wondering whether should I forgo the compatibility for screen resolutions of 800×600 and below. Any views on this? And I’ll be posting mockups of the few proposed designs soon, in about a week or so.

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