Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

HDRs & Pseudo-HDRs

After finding myself hooked on to HDRi (high dynamic range imaging), I found myself grabbing my tripod along every time I go, praying that squatting on the ground with my miniature tripod (it’s really small!) will not invite stares from passerbys. I’ve publicly embarrassed myself outside a shopping mall by squatting near the floor squinting my eyes to look at my camera’s LCD, and here it is:

Cineleisure Damansara

It’s actually merged from 2 individual HDR images using Autostitch (the two thumbnails are included in the HDR above), and that totals up to 14 images taken with me squatting miserably on the pavement :( post-processing includes using Photshop’s inbuilt functions like Lens Distortion to remove the obvious distortion of cylindrical mapping and bumping up the contrast a little, followed by colour adjustment (it was a little blue at first).

And after reading several online tutorials on creating pseudo HDRs and learning more about the blending options of individual layers, it is indeed very possible to create a HDR from one JPEG image (you can create HDRs from one camera RAW file with HDR programmes, but you can’t do it with JPEGs). Here are two that I’ve created, made from photos I’ve taken during a recent trip to The Curve, Damansara, Malaysia.

Pool - Pseudo HDR

The one below is one of my favourite so far :razz:

The Street

Tag replies! I’ve finally decided that I should not be procrastinating on the replies.

momo: Being at home totally rocks! And well you’re having your first year in college, good luck!

smashp0p: Hmmm it depends on when was your last visit. Dentists would love to check your teeth every 6 months :)

kenny4eva: At the time you’ve posted the tag, I’ve finally got that irritating little rascal cleaned inside out and filled. It’s now doing fine! I guess I should love my teeth more!

LogicYuan: Well unless the wisdom tooth has broken up / disintegrated in your gum or is affecting your biting, the dentist wouldn’t recommend you to remove it.

Eric: Thanks for reminding! I guess I’ll be publishing one after Chinese New Year when I have more free time at hand.

thecoffeesnob: Hey I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve recovered your comment. I guess I’ve accidentally made my Spam Karma 2 to blacklist comments with their URIs as wordpress.com. Whoops. Thanks for telling me anyway!

smashp0p: Thanks!

Eric: Yeap, I’m quite hooked to reading now. Do you read often too?

MRDAKOTA: Haah lol I love the way you speak. The kitten is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen, I feel like hugging it so badly (but of course of hygenic reason I’ve took every single restraint to stop myself from doing so, since it’s a stray afterall). Yea you definitely look good in your new frame!

PeiHau: I use a Pentax Optio S55, a consumer-grade point-and-shoot camera :razz:

-zixian: Nawgh, who says so? Everyone can take perfect photos if they’ve got a few criteria right :) you don’t need to be experienced or something! Experience only increases the probabiliy of getting a photo right.

MRDAKOTA: Yea, may the astronauts rest in peace…

smashp0p: Harlowwww!

hp84: Harlowww toooo!

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