Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


I got inspiried by how Grace and Marz compose their posts – Grace brings to her readers Monday Linking posts, which includes her recent digs in the Internet about cool, interesting and amazing posts. Marz loves to provide her readers with hyperlinks too, and what really impresses me how she manages to link so many sites in one post with no obvious breaks in her writing.

So I was thinking, maybe I should start linking too :) it is actually a fun thing, provided that you have something in mind to talk about and you’ve bookmarked (or if you have superb memory, memorized the URLs) interesting news and sites. You get to explore hidden gems around the Internet, and what makes it a more interesting activity is that your readers love interesting links (emphasis on the interesting part).

Being a perfectionist myself, it is not easy for me to tolerate even the most minute and insignificant flaw in everything around me, especially things that I have the power to control and modify. That includes my blog – since it’s running on WordPress’ default permalink structure (which comes with the aweful http://www.yourdomain.com/?p=N where N is any number), the permalink issue is really getting on my nerves. What made that feeling worse is when almost every single blog I read have a proper, non-default permalink structure which makes them search-engine and human-brain friendly. To memorise my post URL will just turn out to be a complete disaster. After poking around Google for tips, I’ve stumbled upon Fiddyp’s post the issue, which redirected me to Deanlee’s Permalinks Migration Plugin :mrgreen: it worked like a miracle for me, and I settled happily with my new permalink structure.

Oh, and I’ve just installed the CommentLuv plugin by Andy Bailey. It’s simply awesome, it lets you spread the love of linking and blogging to your visitots who’ve commented at your site. They’ll be delighted to see their latest blogpost (if they entered their blog URL or a feed URL) displayed right below their comment!

My addiction and unexplainable affection towards HDR has just infected IngSiang – he’s now got an amazingly looking HDR of his primary school right up on his blog (as well as his Flickr page). Edit: Ingsiang is nice enough to let me display his debut HDR on my blog :) thank you! Click on the photo to visit his flickr photo! I love the saturated blue sky and the greeny lawn, they look really lovely! Not to forget the rolling blue clouds.

Ingsiang's First HDR

Before I move on, I’ve got another HDR to show. It needs some straightening, but since I’m not very free now my computer lags everytime I open up Photoshop, I guess I’ll leave that to next time :) click it for the large image, and if you’re interested, find me at Flickr too! (this sounds like some shameless self-promotion, yucks)

Town Park

More webdigs. Ivy discovered Ms Dewey by Microsoft. She’s witty and humourous (and bitchy if some people would like to put that), her responses to your searches are just hilarious. She’s like a robot, created by Microsoft which envisioned interaction in a virtual environment with lifeless, talking (but really funny!) robots. Maybe you should try typing in Wikipedia, Blogging, Akksdhncahdhf (or some other random words and see what happends)… be sure to check it out!

And here’s a Youtube video to cleanup my first hyperlinking mess. I heard the grocery store playing Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by K.T. Tunstall, and I almost shouted That’s my favourite song!!! in public. It’s a very nice song afterall, I love how she recorded the beats herself.

Have a great week ahead!

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