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Trip to the Dentist

Last year of college kept me away from the dentist, so finally after a year of waiting and a month of pestering mom to land me an appointment (for some reason the dentist was very popular, his secretary said he’s fully booked for the fornight a few weeks back), I found myself waiting rather nervously in the room.

The chair was covered with a sheet, most probably made from polyethylene or something. I knew it, since I never liked the sounds scratching fingers make on them. The helper draped a napkin around me neck, and she stuck that saliva vaccuum cleaner thing into my mouth. The dentist appeared around the corner, and immediately pried my mouth wide open with his tools.

I see four hands and 4 different tools in front of me. One is the saliva sucking tube (sorry I don’t know the scientific name of it), the other the mirror, then an airblower (I’m not sure what is it for, but when it blows on my gums, it hurts like hell) and the dentist’s mirror.

I think I have a decaying tooth. I said. Wait a minute, decay isn’t a good word – that might make him think I need a tooth extraction, which is the worst thing on earth. Okay let’s have a look… can you open your mouth wider? What, open my mouth wider? My jaws are already aching and you have five instruments inside there, of course you can’t see a damn thing (the fifth one was looks like a scary drilling machine, it whirrs).

Knock, knock and push, push. OUCH, that hurts! I can feel my hands clenched, cold sweat streaming. The dentist ushered the drilling thing inside, and started poking and digging. It’s just a small hole. Don’t worry. Phew, that was close. Wait a minute… it’s pretty huge inside. Looks like it had decayed from the inside. We’ll have to clean all that stuff out. What?! Clean ALL that stuff out? ALL? I felt like whinning, but those irritating instrument which kept my tongue laying low prevented me from talking. All that came out was an incomprehensible murmur.

Then the whirring sound started, following a short, sharp pain on my upper jaw, quickly spreading under my veins, across my face and down my neck. A horrible odour filled the air. I think that came from the hole, oh my it stinks! Smells like a combination of rotten food and decomposing fruits. I think I smelt methane. Yucks.

After all that drilling and cleaning, he finally said Oh, it’s time for the filling. He scraped this blue-ish colour gel and chucked it into the hole, irritating my nerves and I started screaming inside again. Then we have a grey-ish coloured foul-smelling gel, followed by more painful puffs of air and cleaning.

When I thought we’re done, he said Now let’s do the cleaning of the rest of the teeth. I can only brace myself for more pain. The whirring restarted, and the saliva sucker seems to be happily keeping my mouth dry. That feeling sucks, I can feel the raw bumps on my tongue, that dehydrated feeling. The helper filled the cup with water and I gargled with it. I see blood, ewww.

Finally he whiped out his gentle toothbrush, lathering my teeth with strawberry favoured foam. Yummy. I subconciously gulped down the strawberry sweetness. Mmmmph. And it’s over, I’m done for good!

Just another moment of my life, written and published :razz:

P.S.: Tag replies! I realised I’ve been very lazy about it.

kenny4eva: Nope it didn’t. It was pretty peaceful, it just crawled away shortly after the photo was taken.

smashp0p: Thank you!

Eric: Yea, I like it :) thanks!

Levine: Thanks, I’m glad that you like it!

Shaz: I’ve been fine! See you soon!

asdf: Thanks for the link, but I’ve seen his face before, he has it on his blog.

LogicYuan: Maybe you’re right :razz: they say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

MRDAKOTA: The houses here aren’t that colourful. The orange house is the only unique one in my neighbourhood. Most of the houses here are white… French houses are really beautiful, I’ve seen a handful of them on Flickr before.

jason: Yea, I kind of miss you! Hope you don’t be MIA for too long!

smashpop: Thank you! Anyway I’ve been back in Malaysia since December :) lol!

sc: Glad that you share the same view as me… I hope I can go shopping myself! So even if my parents are not happy with the clothes I’ve bought, they can only mumble :)

Eric: Thank you! For that comment, you’re welcome!

MRDAKOTA: I’m happy that you’re coming, but July seems too late for me :( awww. Anyway I’ve left a more detailed reply at your blog, check it out if you have time.

hp84: Yeap! University starts only in July. That’s a 6-month break for me, woots!

smashp0p: Everything is up :) hah!

tjas: Thank you! I rarely see any visitors from Europe, since most of them are from Asia (namely Malaysia and Singapore). Thanks for dropping by and tagging, I’ll be visitng your blog soon (the moment I finish this post, that is).

Artix: You’re welcome, and thanks for the compliment!

LogicYuan: Soft… what does “soft” means? Sorry I’m quite blur, lol!

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