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Back to Normal

The silently smouldering Internet drama (silently smouldering because this drama never spilled over to become anything worse) has finally came to an end, thanks to a comment left by the instigator. This is so far the only comment from him I would recommend reading, since the previous ones are generally unpleasant reads.

Since he’s clarified everything about the drama, including his motive and how a tiny skirmish led to a huge amount of flaming and gun-powder expenditure, I should say that I wouldn’t want to pursue the matter anymore, as long as he removes the offensive materials from his blog as soon as possible. The last time I’ve checked, they’re still there, but I trust him that he’ll remove them when he’s free.

One thing to say though – he mentioned in his comment that I’ve posted bad blog [posts] about him, which enraged him and led to a whole lot of flaming. But for goodness sake my first response to your act of plagiarism is almost objective and I did not even bother to make unfounded comments, assertions and assumptions. This is the very one thing I would want to say, because I don’t spread bad words about people and defame them openly on the Internet. I’ve kindly left a comment at your blog, requesting you to remove the offensive materials, and the next thing I knew is that my blog is flooded with flaming comments.

To all my blog friends who have defended me throughout the whole ordeal (not an ordeal to be exact, since I wasn’t that upset afterall) drama, here’s a big thank you to you all, and of course, pluggies! I would express my greatest gratitude to those who respect and follow Internet ethics and etiquette, who stood up for justice. In order of the comments posted:

ingSiang | Marz | Ivy | Qureyoon | MrDakota | Melissa | atul5353 | Benghan | thecoffeesnob | WishBoNe | med | Ophelia

It’s over, let’s leave all that drama behind.

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