Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


A little drama unfolded between my mom and I in the car. She was driving, so she placed her handbag under my care. Her phone rang, and I hurriedly scrambled for the phone, but I couldn’t find it among the clutters inside her bulky bag. Mom became furious, and with only one hand on the wheels, her other hand tried to wrestle the squealing phone from the bag, screaming, Pick up the call! Pick up the call! The car started to swerve, my heart skipped a beat. Then I shouted back, This is so dangerous! Can’t we just give the caller a call later?

After that close shave with Mr Grim Reaper, my mom gave me this stretched blaaaaack face for the next few hours. I was thinking, Mom, I saved your life?! (and mine too!). Anyway I can’t afford to die now, it’s so not worth it. I’m yet to see what funny jokes Adam Danial is cooking up for me :)

Yesterday my family went to One Utama, since it’s a public holiday. I intended to grab some nice outfits but the whole trip became a funless window shopping outing because mom was just way too enthusiastic in explaining her dislikes of the clothes that I’ve picked. I told her, Hey, this sweater looks nice! And it’s comfy too. And I saw her eyes rolling backwards in her eye sockets and said, Look, 100% cotton isn’t suitable for people like us living in tropical countries eh? And when exactly are you going to wear it? I heard myself screaming inside, ARGH!!! Fine, let it be then.

Then I stumbled upon this cotton wool cap and commented that it looked nice. Those are for gangsters, and my mom said, without even blinking. What about the beach three-quarters? They’re the latest trend, I tried to convince her. But she didn’t buy it, They’re too expensive. Whatever.

Maybe I should just ask my mom to give me a budget, and I’ll use that money to go anywhere to buy anything I want :)

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