Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

I’ve Got Someone’s Attention!

Note: To prevent Adam Danial Ismail from further illegally plagiarising my published works, I’ve made minor adjustments to this blog template. Sorry for the inconveniences. If you love drama, continue reading :)

Finally after blogging about this little brat who thinks that blogging means copying, I’ve got more hate mails and comments from him. Yay, I’ve got his attention :razz: and here are the 3 comments he’ve posted in that post. And golly, he has admitted being the childish flamer behind all that bedlam. Again, the IP addresses tells the whole story.. Like what IngSiang has suggested, self-hosted wordpress coupled with spam karma rocks :) heh!

Adam Danial | adamdanialofficial@gmail.com | proper-imaginations.blogspot.com | IP:

I don’t care what you say, I’m not going to delete your bloody images. Again, I’m still stealing your images, bitch !!! Am I 8 years old ??? Some people don’t use their brain properly huh ? You’re still an asshole to me. You’re not muslim and non-muslim peoples GO TO HELL. Yes, i deserve to be marked as spam. I am not busy at all. I like to lie. Teddy Risation is a kid name like me. And you should name your site :: Terry Mun, The Asshole bitch. I’m still stealing your blogs. No matter what you say.

Jan 9, 3:10 PM

Okay then don’t delete them, because visitors will definitely know that you’ve edited them rather unskillfully, so I don’t really give a damn. But if I decide to pursue this matter and report your blog to google, you’re kinda in deep trouble, big baby. Looks like you don’t even process your words with your pea brain before commenting huh? Are you talking about yourself? Stop making self-deprecating jokes, they make me laugh :D hah! And hmmm I sense some racist remarks in it, that’ll make you in an even deeper trouble.

Oh and if you’re deciding to steal, go ahead. I’ve made some tweaking to my blog template, stealing my works will be harder than before :) anyway, thanks for taking your worthless time to comment, instead of reflecting on your own pitfalls.

I hate teddy Risation tm | grabbiellle@gmail.com | lonkeys.com | IP:

it’s adam

Jan 9, 3:18 PM

Thanks for admitting that you’re Adam! I really appreciate that. That cleared up a lot of confusion! Thanks!

Adam Danial | adamdanialofficial@gmail.com | proper-imaginations.blogspot.com | IP:

Don’t you suck other penis ???

Jan 9, 3:12 PM

Hmmm well I’ve never tried that and will never do that, but thanks for the question. It made me think :)

It’s another happy day today! You won’t spoil mine, anyway. Oh and you’ll surely get tired of all that flaming and plagiarising… try to do those while this blog keeps running, see how long you can last. Good luck!

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