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Obviously Some Don’t Grow Up

Throughout my life I’ve came across people who are immature and childish, but a very recent case makes my past encounters pale in comparison. I am trying my best to be as objective as possible, trying not to make any callous remarks or whatsoever. I am just stating the facts here, re-iterating the fact that I’m not out there as a shooting board for childish flamers.

Everything started with a Facebook invite, a person named Adam Danial added me as a friend, and so I accepted the invite. Then he posted comments on my blog, and even provided his blog URL with his comments. To my utter disgust I realised that he’ve widely plagiarised my published materials, ranging from panoramas to photoshop tutorials. What made things worse is that he took my photos and remove my watermarks on them, pasted his, making them look as if they were his own work. Well so far he’s the person with the worst internet ethic I’ve ever seen.

I posted a comment thereafter, politely (if you need justification for the use of this word, continue reading) requested him to remove the offensive materials:


I really appreciate your frequent visit and comments at my blog, but I would like to point out some serious issues regarding your two blogs (namely http://proper-imaginations.blogspot.com and http://photoblog-proper-imaginations.blogspot.com). I realised that you’ve plagiarsed my published material without my prior consent, and you’ve even edited my website notices on photos which has them.

I hope that you can remove the following offensive materials as soon as possible. And I would like to assert that do not ever remove my copyright notices and blog url from my photos and panoramas. Here is the list of copyright infringement you’ve committed:

At http://proper-imaginations.blogspot.com
1. Adobe Photoshop tutorial for Creating Glossy Logos
2. Possible Asteriod Collision On 1st Feb, 2019
3. The panorama in the post (Christmas welcomes Suria KLCC)
4. Some photos in the post (2nd post for 2008 ??)

At http://photoblog-proper-imaginations.blogspot.com
1. Making Photo Collage tutorial

Please again do remove the offensive materials as soon as possible. And do not ever remove watermarks / copyright notices from my photos. This applies to photos illegally taken from flickr as well. Illegally because you’ve never acknowledge the author’s work.

Yours truly,

And a few days after the comment was posted, I’ve got comments that are meant to flame. That made me wonder – if he has the time to post such childish comments, why not trying to remove those offensive materials on his blog at the first place? He also used my blog reader’s identity to post the following comments… to those whose identity was stolen, worry not, because the bolded IP addresses tells everything :) Note: All comments are directly copied from WordPress Admin comment management page.

I | adamdanialofficial@gmail.com | proper-imaginations.blogspot.com | IP:

what the hell ??? Are you an eight ??? You take nerd photos at this blog. eww. Especially the seesaw picture. So fake and horrible pose !!! You don’t take pictures of spider as it dies after 2 days you take the picture of it. I learned it. You’re not muslim and you don’t know anything. Why your friends keep giving girl comments to your blog ? It’s such a nerd. Ewww. Are you 70% girl, 10% boy and 20% human ??? I think you are a girl ! Hey will you marry michael jackson ? hahahahaha. Son of a bitch you post stupid nerd blogs !

Jan 5, 6:30 PM

The comment above nearly made me die laughing. Especially the part where he said are you 70% girl 10% boy and 20% human… I thought girls and boys are human beings afterall, ROFLMAO! :razz: looks like anger got the better of him and he’s babbling off incoherently.

I hate Teddy Risation tm | girgirl@gmail.com | lokenys.corm | IP:

Stop posting stupid nerd blogs. Your friends who are boys are girl like you. You’re a girl. That mr.dakota is a nerd !!!!

Jan 5, 6:32 PM

Oh and here’s another careless mistake made by him. Dakota doesn’t know my real name (okay now everybody does, thanks for the free publicity), and he mentioned the word Facebook in his comment. Hmmm, as far as I know, I have 4 webfriends who added me on Facebook. And after the IP Address mistake he had made, I can easily narrow down the suspected candidate to one.

MRDAKOTA | girgirl@gmail.com | mrdakota.wordpress.com | IP:

Yeah. he’s right. I hate Terry Mun !!!!!! His facebook is even worse

Jan 5, 6:34 PM

PeiHau | girgirl@gmail.com | lokenys.corm | IP:

I hate Teddy Risation tm is right
TEDDDY<- such a bitch nerd

Jan 5, 6:39 PM

hypeR-barrieR | adamdanialofficial@gmail.com | proper-imaginations.blogspot.com | IP:

Hey, who’s that guy stealing my website ??? What happened to your friends ??! Hey, i’m not the one who posted the 1st response !!
That guys is stealing my site !
I love that spider

Jan 5, 8:00 PM

From the top 5 comments, it is obvious that it’s the same person behind all the hideous comments. The first 4 offensive ones are posted in about 2 to 5 mintue intervals, and the first and the fifth comment have exactly the same details. You’re busted!

And for the last comment, it’s obviously made by the same person, although the IP address is slightly different. Well from the limited range of vocabulary it is quite sure that it is the same old Adam Danial who is writing it. And note the hilarious irony in his comment.

I hate teddy Risation tm | grabbiellle@gmail.com | lonkeys.com | IP:

Mother fucking bitch !!! You deleted my comment ??? You’re such an asshole. You’re a bitch nerd who is 70 % girl and 30 % boy ! You’re not a human. You’re a snake. Snakes doesn’t post stupid nerd blogs. Hey, who’s that hypeR-barrieR ??? The guy who accused me stealing his site ?? You’re friends with him ? Ewww. He’s a bitch too ! like you. You’re header are 2 % gorgeous and 98 % horrible !!!!!

Jan 6, 10:04 PM

Well what I have to say is that if you want to flame my blog or make me feel bad for telling you off politely that you’ve offended other people’s copyright, please have the guts to use your own name, and not forge other’s identities to confuse people. In the end, I guess you’ll be making more enemies, since you’ve used their identities without prior written conscent from them.

I just politely asked you to remove the offensive materials, and you reacted in such an explosive and childish manner. That made me wonder what kind of upbringing have you gone through. You’re obviously very bad at controlling your temper, and what made things worse is that instead of learning from your own mistakes, you act in a cowardly way, to run away from them and venting your temper on the person who tried to correct you. If you refuse to help yourself, no one can.

P.S. Since you just can’t stop flaming my blog, I’ll just have to categorise your comments under SPAM. Sorry, but you’re creating too much confusion to everyone, because of you immaturiy and incapability of comprehending your own mistakes. For all your future comments, they’ll most probably end up as spam and get deleted, so instead of wasting all your precious time typing those wasteful words, why not try to reflect on your behavior and grow up? Good luck with that :razz: heh.

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