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Penang Penang Penang

Let me clarify something before I start to ramble off like a madman :razz: do you still remember this photo?

Food Fest!

Well that’s food for 3 people! My two cousins and I. We went to Taman Sri Rambai’s Al-Fresco Foodcourt to get an authentic taste of Penang food. More food that were served after the photo was taken, but this photo is by far the clearest one – my hands were shaking from hunger since I starved myself for the afternoon just to reserve enough space for all that delicious yummylicious food.

The list of food, from the 12 o’clock position, clockwise and inwards – fried oysters with egg, char koay katt, chee cheong fun, handmande noodles, squid with kangkung and fried chicken. Oh and we still savoured curry noodles, jawa noodles and hokkien noodles (there’s a helluva noodle stalls over there anyway!).

My penang stay is coming to an end! Awwwwww. Will be leaving for KL on Sunday, with my cousin. She’s studying at Taylor’s College, and her hostel is just a 5 minute walk away from my home. So I can go hang around with her almost everyday, unless she’s busy or something. We’re planning to go to some pub or something (we’re both 18!)… just tentative though.

Anyway I’ve found this interesting little spider on the wall outside my cousin’s home. The spider looks as if it’s preparing to fight me or something, lol :mrgreen: have a look!

KungFu Spider! Hoozah!

It’s actually very small, about 2mm across perhaps? I’ve used my macro shot mode, for your information. Look at those scary hairy legs of his! And his mouth! Ewwww. But it’s still quite cute afterall. just hope that it’s not poisonous or something.

My cousins and I also went to a playground, just for a normal evening walk. But when I told them I brought my camera and tripod along, they were screaming at me to get some photoshoots of us done, hah! :) it was fun though, posing with all the playground stuff.



I have a few more photos though, but yea I guess this post is long enough to make you sleep :) hah! Will update soon, so stay tuned!

Edit: Oh boy, I nearly forgot to write my tag replies! They’re so many of them I can’t possibly do it in the tagboard. Here we go:

Isobel: Thank you for your compliment! The KLCC panorama is one of my favourite as well!

LogicYuan: Happy New Year to you too!

barrieR: Thank you! Ah well my house isn’t in Penang – I’m just living with my cousins for the moment being.

Alvin: Hi there, thank for for tagging! I’m currently using a consumer grade camera, Pentax’s Optio S55.

sc: Oh sorry, the database corruption deleted quite a few stuff. I got it recovered, and your link is back!

Tungz: Have fun in Japan! Well don’t be jealous that I’m in Malaysia because you’re in Malaysia almost all the time!

Nicholas: Happy New Year… yea I still have a long way to go. University is starting in half a year’s time, so yep we college graduates are having a loooong break now!

Eric: Yeap!

denise: Happy 2008 to you too!

smashp0p: Happy 5th day of 2008!

kenny4eva: Hey don’t be so depressed! Going to school isn’t that bad afterall huh? :) have fun and enjoy!

barrieR: If you’re free please remove them as soon as possible. 28th July is too long, seriously. Please respect other people’s copyright.

lunaticgal: Happy New Year to you! I will be posting a tutorial soon, but not about photography but photoshop. Seriously my photographic skills ain’t really good. If you really need some referrence, why not check out Flickr, Smashp0p, Rames Studios, Mr Dakota and Levine Photography?

MRDAKOTA: Happy New Year, Dakota! Hope you have fun!

smashp0p: hahah!

BengHan: Yea, I miss you too! How’s life?

phonelover: Thank you, hope you enjoy your visit!

iwan: I am currenly using a consumer-grade camera, Pentax’s Optio S55. I wish I could get a decent dSLR asap! :)

PeiHau: You’re welcome!

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