Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


Green. One of the most prominent colours in today’s world.

From the lovely lawns in your backyard to the towering trees in the Amazon Jungle, green is the dominant colour of all.

From Green Talks to Greenhouse Warming, green means a lot to environmentally conscious people in this world.

From green pedestrian signals to green ticks, green represents approval. Green itself is a symbol of serenity, peace and calm – a colour the world cannot live without.

3 photos, with green as the dominant colour. Isn’t it lovely? :mrgreen:


This photo features the view of my former boarding school from the foot of the hill it sits on. Being surrounded by the lush green landscape of Bukit Timah, my boarding school sits on one of the golden plot of land in the area. Every morning I wake up to the misty breeze and the scenic view of canopy floating above the mist. How nice!


I forgot the exact location where this photo was taken, but I love how the sunlight filtered through the limegreen leaves of the fern, making it flow with elegance under the burning afternoon sun.


Mom prepared steamed brocolli for lunch a few days back! It is one of my favourite vegetable, right behind cabbage. I love the lush green colour of this plant, the chewy stem and the sweet little leaves.

Sorry for this short update. My house is still under renovation, with little time for me to do anything besides reading. I’m currently reading Janet Fitch’s White Oleander. It’s a really nice but sad story, another recommended read from me. Will review it once I’m done with it :razz: so stay tuned!

Before I end this post, here are the tag replies! Sorry for being so late…

iwan: Okay lol! Stop laughing at me! I’m telling the truth!

smashp0p: That’s a compliment, right? Thanks!

Eric: Hello there! Have a nice day, and thanks for dropping by and tagging!

LogicYuan: Oh woah thanks! I love it too… I recently got those photoshop floral brushes from my friend who’s in design… they’re real cool!

denise: Holiday is fine! Kinda busy, since there’s this renovation job in my house, I’ve gotta clean up!

LogicYuan: Oh I see! I will be spending my X’mas and New Year in Penang as well… first time in my life! Because I usually spend them with my family or in Singapore (for the past 6 years, that is)…

iwan: Going back to Singapore huh. I will, when the A Level results are out (I keep my fingers crossed!)… but regarding university, I’m still not sure! Might be going the land downunder or Singapore.

Eric: Hey you’re way too humble! Thank you for linking my blog, I really appreciate that! And thanks for making my link a nice little photo instead of just text :) it’s really nice of you! Well the photoshop tutorials are just nothing… I did them when I was free. Have they’re of great use to you!

smashp0p: Yea, Vivocity, the place where we first met! Wooots!

iwan: Yep! 2 more weeks to X’mas, another one more for New Year! I can’t believe 2007 is ending just so soooon!

hp84: Yea Vivocity is a really nice place, you should pay it a visit when you’re in Singapore :)

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