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Vivocity Welcomes X’mas!

X’mas Tree @ Vivocity Skypark

Vivocity at Singapore welcomes Christmas! They’ve built this 30m tall Christmas Tree at the Skypark, which is decorated with magnificent lights if you happen to visit it at night. You can always visit it when you happen to drop by Singapore during this festive period (which includes insane X’mas shopping sprees!). Here’s another shot of the Christmas Tree, taken from a further location on the Skypark, featuring Vivocity’s signature wading pool in the foreground:

X’mas Tree @ Vivocity Skypark (Far)

It was evening so the view on the Skypark was simply breathtaking. You get to see how little kids enjoy themselves in the wading pool, playfully splashing water with their siblings; and you get to see pairs of couples enjoying the evening view as well! At the Skypark you have this really panoramic view of the waterfront area, and in the future you can even admire the beauty of the upcoming Integrated Resorts at Sentosa Island.

Waterfront View

Sunset @ Vivocity

Oh and I’ve got this interesting photo to share! The setting sun paints a long, stretch shadows on the people at the promenade area 3 floors below the Skypark:


And before I left Vivocity, I didn’t forget to drop by Coffee Bean and savour their fantastic mudpie again! It is really delicious, so you have 101 reasons to try it out and no reasons not to eat it.

Coffee Bean @ Vivocity


Hope you love this update! Will be back soon, so tune in folks! :razz: see you!

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