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Prom Night

When everyone is busy partying away at Shangri-La Hotel tonight, I’m stuck in my room with nothing to do but packing up my stuff and blogging. The feeling is simply horrible – people are enjoying the final and last gathering with their schoolmates and I’m just sitting here idling.

A few people asked me for the reason for skipping prom. I hate to repeat them here, but I felt so bad and rotten inside I just feel like saying everything out. I would love to spare my readers the boring rhetorics and my never-ending complaints about life, but there is just this overwhelming need to clear things up.

The rest of this post is tucked under a link for which you need to click on voluntarily after understanding the underlying terms and conditions that applies for almost every potentially offensive writing. You’ve been warned that you may be offended (but you only will if you’ve offended me at the first place, or I will not be writing about you!), so proceed at your own risk. You may not hold me responsible for any stress or, weirdly enough, death, that results from reading what’s behind this link.

I skipped prom because I wanted to go home early, but sadly my parents got tied up with this nasty renovation job at home that took ages to complete, so they’ll have to postpone their trip down to fetch me home. I was initially angry and disappointed as first, because I deliberately skipped prom for this, and now I’ll still have to wait here for them to get me back. I spent some time reflecting and realised I’m acting like a total brat and like a spoilt kid – it’s not their fault anyway. I could only watch myself fuming at myself.

Then there was this thing about nobody likes me and doesn’t want me to attend prom. Since for the prom thing we’ll have to sit in tables of 10, so everyone was busy snapping up the seats when the order form came a few months ago. I told this person in my class that I would love to sit with them, and I’m not sure whether is it a genuine mistake or a deliberate attempt to single me out, I was left out of the table. I was kind of expecting this because there are 11 guys in my class and since I’m the most unsociable one, I’ll be the one who has to go.

I’ve got several invitations to purchase prom night tickets and sit with my friends but that horrible realisation that nobody I know really appreciate my presence, it would be best for me to just not go, get out of their faces so as not to spoil their wonderful night and to make me feel like the most miserable person on earth. Now I’ve gotten out of your face, so you people have fun tonight. You know who you are, don’t start spamming me emails asking am I that person who made you write that? I’m really sorry and I should’ve invited you earlier and bla bla bla. Enough is enough, and I’m tired of all your excuses. Just go, and leave me alone.

I’ve got a few very close friends who saw it a pity for me not going. I know who you are, and thanks for being by my side all the time. You people are the most wonderful angels I’ve met in my life. You let me tell you all my dirty little secrets without spilling even half a bean, you let me explain myself when I find myself in trouble… you gave me the chance to live like a normal person, and not like some people who chose to treat me like a disposable appendage or a expendable accessory.

What really kills me is that for all the things I’ve done for you people (those who abandoned me, not those who bailed me out of my problems), you gave me nothing in return. Yes, I’m the one who proudly brandishes his idea that friendship should not be treated as an investment and so we should not expect anything in return, but you people didn’t even treat me as a friend at the first place. You treated me as if I have the moral obligation to do things you’ve asked me to, which sadly I don’t, but I still gave you whatever I had.

Thinking on the bright side of things, skipping prom night saved me from punching a gaping hole in my wallet, and I could use the money saved to buy things that makes me happier… like mudpie :) the best comfort food for me on earth, so far. And I also saved myself from a great deal of embarrassment (Gosh! I thought that social freak isn’t coming!!!)… well at least something good came out of my decision.

I’m finally going home tomorrow. I’ll be leaving all these sad things behind. Goodbye.

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