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Where Is It?

Where Is It?

I embarked on a wonderful journey today… to somewhere on earch (duh!) :mrgreen: I took a whopping 228 photos over there, and it will take me a couple of hours to organise everything into a sensible post. So instead of letting this blog idle around as if it is going to be abandoned, I decided to post a sneak peek of the oncoming post - Where is it?

Yesterday I was whining to my mom that life is getting so freaking bored after A Levels. I have nothing to do except Facebooking the entire day and a never-ending journey of blog-hopping. Mom told me that I can just write something. But the problem is, how can I write something out of nothing? My life is now so dependent on the Internet – if the server ever dares to break down at this time of my life where I’m probably the most bored, I’ll not hesitate the burn down the entire company :evil: hehe.

Since the sight of me myself rotting in my room is more than just repulsive, I decided to stay up till 3am in the morning today so that I can send my friend off at the airport. He’s going for a vacation with his classmates, which makes me so damn envious I feel like snatching his passport and charge pass the customs :razz: haha! Anyway he should be having loads of fun now, while I’m still rotting (but at least not that bad anymore). He took Tiger Airways, and since he bought the ticket so late minute the stupid airline charged him S$400+ dollars for a two way ticket. A typical example of economics theory – price inelasticity, revenue maximising and consumer exploitation. Okay, looks like I’m still not over the A levels yet :) so just ignore what I’ve said if you don’t understand a single word.

We took cab to Terminal 2 first, because we would love to have a warm McDonalds breakfast at 4am in the morning instead of munching on the common fodder served by the cafeteria at the budget terminal. We actually planned to feast on Sakae Sushi but then the thought of them serving perhaps overnight food scared the hell out of us. We are further convinced that McDonald’s is the way to go since Sakae Sushi wasn’t even open at 4am!

At the budget terminal I saw this poor lad sleeping on the floor. I guess the chairs are too small for him, and he’s got a big bag to cozy up to :)


Okay as I occupy myself with the task on hand, you guys will have to stare at the photo and crack your brains! See you tomorrow!

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