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Is it over? I asked myself repeatedly amidst the triumphant cheers and cries of the biology students in the hall yesterday. The end of biology paper 1 yesterday marked the end of our A Level examinations, as well as the start of the whole new stage of life – the Singaporean guys will have to go for National Service, the girls will continue their studies in universities… everyone will go on with their life, but by separate ways. A sudden feeling of reluctance to bid goodbye overwhelmed me before I soaked into the joyous atmosphere of the examination hall.

Phew, so it’s finally over! Now I have nothing to do. Study or revise for university courses sounds absolutely crazy and insane now, and if I ever dared to do so I’ll be stoned to death :razz: haha! Who the hell will want to touch lecture notes and trial exam papers for the next few months?

I can’t believe that I’ve survived the onslaught of A Levels – I’m still breathing (and typing this blog post) now, and I think that it’s somewhat a miracle for me to emerge neither mentally unsound nor physically sickly when it is over. Woah :mrgreen: that’s one thing is celebrate for already!

After the final paper Kityeng, Yuting and I went to Orchard to do some Prom Night shopping. I’ll not be going to prom, so I was idling outside the shop when the two shopping maniac went into some shop whose name I’ve completely forgotten to try on every single outfit they think it’s nice :) lol! It’ve been a long time since I went out shopping with mom (well known for being the greatest window shopper ever, no offense!), so this kind of prepared me for the holidays when I’ll be back home and get dragged around shopping with her!

Kityeng then left for City Hall MRT to meet with her friends, so Yuting and I went to Coffee Bean to savour their tasty mudpie and Belgian Chocolate :) mmmmph it’s just so nice, especially when you don’t have a lot of people inside the outlet. Then later we went to The Heeren to look at accessories and stuff alike until Daryl came to pick her up.

Later in the day I followed my friends for a movie outing at Orchard Cineleisure! We originally planned to watch Enchanted but a sudden change of mind made us to fall for The Kingdom. It was a great movie, but I felt quite nauseatic halfway through because the director preffered shaky cameras instead of steady ones. I like his style, because it presents wartime in Saudi Arabia through a documentary-like perspective, but the shaky cameras are way to much for me. Thank God I chose to control myself instead of letting me puke all over my friend’s lap :razz: haha!

The Kingdom

For the movie’s content I would give it a 9/10 rating, because the storyline is simply gripping and yet meaningful. I love the start of the movie – it explains to you how insurgency in Saudi Arabia has emerged over the past few decades without boring the hell out of you. Of course the entire movie is peppered with scenes of bloodshed and violence from the start till the end, but the storywriter’s effort to inject some humour into the movie is laudable :) there is one scene where the army general of Saudi Arabia told the female FBI agent that he’ve tried his best to source of “pink coloured stuff” to make her feel comfortable… now that’s pure cheese! :mrgreen: The end of the movie is also fantastically done – it illustrates how the conflict between US military and Saudi Arabia insurgents will never be resolved. But for exactly what happened, you’ll have to check it out yourself!

That’s all for this update. I’ve got tonnes of things to write and now I can’t do so because if I continue to ramble on you’ll just doze off :) okay, be seeing you!

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