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I’m Breathing!

Hello! In contrary to popular belief I did not die because I’ve smacked my little head on the pavement or got rammed over by a car driven by some careless driver. Nor did I passed out halfway during some random A level paper foaming wildly in the mouth or did I die because I had millions of nasty paper cuts after flipping through a mile high of notes.

I guess my head will be on the chopping board if dad reads this… I bought Lauren Weisberger’s Best Selling Book titled The Devil Wears Prada last weekend from Kinokuniya and I spent 2 days reading it (instead of doing some really productive mugging)

The Devil Wears Prada - Book

But I have to say that the book really worth the bucks I’ve paid for it! Although some critics (especially those who once worked under Anna Wintour, whom the devilish fictional Miranda Priestly was modelled after) claim that the book is just a worthless read, I think that Lauren Wiesbreger did a really awesome job is depicting how cruel the fashion industry is… where the old size 2 is the new 0 and the old size 4 is the new 2. So you’ll see models happy claiming that they’ve been starving themselves to reach their goal weight…

In case you don’t know, Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of the influential Vogue magazine, while in the book Miranda Priestly is the editor-in-chief of Runway. Anna Wintour was reportedly very “upset of the book” because she was depicted as a really mean and beyotchy boss, but I must agree more than that! I think she deserves more shame because Anna Wintour refused to stop wearing fur (so she made people kill more animals so she have furs to wear)… gosh as if without fur she’ll have to go around naked. Grrr.

Anyway painful facts about Anna Wintour aside (which she herself should know better), I absolutely love the book! 391 pages long, not a really whinny story about a fashion assistant to a hedonistic boss but rather a truthful account of what the fashion industry is. Miranda Priestly is Andrea (Andy) Sachs’ boss, and Andy works as Miranda’s second assistant. Miranda treat her assistants so badly that such treatments border emotional abuse. Wow that’s the scary part. She makes absurd, ridicuolous, unorthrodox demands; she gives insufficient information to her assistants to complete a job (and if they fail they’ll get fired! gosh!); she wants everyone to respect her just because she’s some powerful editor-in-chief and the list goes on…

Not a spoiler but I love the way how Andrea left her job. She was in Paris when Miranda demanded her to get her twins passports renewed (her twins are in New York for chrissake!) in 3 freaking hours, so Andy blew apart and shouted, “Fuck you, Miranda. Fuck you.” OMG I absolutely love it! Haha :) that’s the evil me.

The Devil Wears Prada is a recommended read from me. In fact, it is almost a must because it’s such a great story!

Back to real life, I’ve got 6 more papers ahead. 2 more weeks, and I can throw all my notes away, or alternatively, burn them, feed them to the dogs (do they even them?), crumple them, soak them in water (so that I can make recycled paper thereafter)… whatever. I just wish that I can pull through all these hellish days.

Okay I shall run now! The next post is due… one week later, when 4 out of 6 papers are completed. Hoozah!

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