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Anger is just Transient

I realised that anger is just transient. You can be fuming mad at the moment, and at the next you find yourself eeriely calm. For that instant you feel so much like an overloaded dam with overflowing anger and hatred, and a little while later you feel that all that feelings have floated away like dandelion seeds with the wind.

Is that what you always feel? Or is it just a myself issue? Do people have emotional roller coaster rides just like me? Just… anyone?

Yesterday I was very angry with someone. I’ve got that really big urge to lash out at him, saying that his presence is not appreciated when I’m around. I don’t need you, and I feel more than just repulsive just a mere sight of you.

I rung up mom, and she talked me out of the lousy mood. I reckon she’s one of the few moms around who really listens to her children’s ramblings. I mean, who would want to spend a few minutes listening to a fuming adolescent who is obviously speaking things that are incoherent and completely incomprehensible?

Mom made me realise that as long as you let things go, they’ll just disappear. So does anger. For that very moment you feel like picking up a metal baseball bad and club his freaking head in, but for the next you feel that all that tantrum is just not worth it.

Thanks mom, I feeling way better. And as for that person, I shall not do anything but just let things take it’s own course. Whether is it going to change for the better or for the worse, it’s the last thing in my mind.

I getting outta here.

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