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Dinner @ Crystal Jade

Dinner @ Crystal Jade

5 of us (Zhibang, Pow, Hsien, Jeffrey and me, that is) went to the Crystal Jade Steamed Pork Dumpling & Ramen outlet at Ngee Ann City yesterday :razz: actually we wanted to dine out at Din Tai Fung but geez when we arrived at the basement of Paragon the queue was snaking till the end of the horizon, as if some superstar was dining inside. So we ditched the original plan and headed for Crystal Jade instead.

Arrived outside the restaurant at 7.30pm. They were serving #245 or something we got #285, which means that a long wait is expected, since we waited for 30 minutes last time just for 20 numbers. With 40 numbers this time I think we’re out of luck! Despite our violently protesting stomach we decided to wait it out since we were left with no other choices (don’t tell us to head for the food court at the basement – we were looking forward to fine dining, in one way or another).

It was 8.30pm when we finally got to get in and feed ourselves :razz: I must tell you that the dizzying array of ramens that they serve are absolutely fantastic! I reckon that I’ll die for my favourite bowl of ramen – beef… whatever. I don’t know it’s english name. But argh the waitress told me that they ran out of beef that night, so I’ll have to switch to something else.

Jeffrey ordered chilli ramen and OMG it’s super tasty! Too bad that I have not learnt how to appreciate the euphoria (that is what chilli-lovers usually call that feeling) that comes along with the ingestion of capsaicin… hmmm. I think I’ll have to learn it sooner or later! Anyway back to the main story, yep, his bowl of ramen smells really great! Here’s a photo of it. And oh watch out! Make sure that you don’t salivate on your keyboard… I’m not responsible for it!

Chilli Ramen

And since everyone was dead hungry we ordered a dish too! It’s something like stewed chicken? I’m at loss of words to describe the dish but I believe a photo really tells a thousand words!


Yummy, isn’t it? It’s like kind of spicy, but I love it. Too bad that this time the dish was a little drechned with sauce, according to Jeffrey who was scrutinising the dish since the minute it was served. I think it was nice, a little drier will make it nicer :) I’m being nice!

Steamed Pork DumplingsOf course we didn’t forget to order the Steamed Pork Dumplings! They’re really really wonderful! Here’s a description of it I’ve extracted from the menu:

Every piece of our soup dumpling Xiao Long Bao comes with smooth soft skin, filled with the freshest succulent meat and delicious soupy broth that is uniquely tasty, burst in the mouth with a juicy explosion.

Mmmmph! I love their descriptio, especially the last line. The dumplings really do burst in your mouth as you sink your teeth into it, and it’s so delicious and yummy that I just ran out of words to describe it! In total we ordered 12 dumplings because we can’t resist the temptation!

I’m digging in!This photo makes me feel as if I’m writing a food review for Crystal Jade, but heh heck it. I was just trying to eat when my friend grabbed my camera and started shooting me (ouch!). So I posed for the camera, as simple as that.

Since my favourite beef ramen ran out of stock I’ll have to stick to my second favourite, the shredded pork with preserved vegetables ramen. What a long name :mrgreen: FYI I took the name directly out of the menu, so don’t blame me on giving an incorrect description of the supposedly mouth-watering ramen!

Thinking of it, I can’t believe I’m enjoyed myself so much when A Levels are just a few weeks ahead! Maybe it is because of our intrinsic need to counter the astronomical stress levels we are currently living with. The satisfaction derived from eating the noodles is enough to re-engergise me so that I can study more… sounds really sad!

Oh and did I tell you that Crystal Jade serves really nice dessert? I ordered the Longan thing, which goes really well with the rest of the meal!


The entire meal costs 5 of us a total of S$80+, which is quite reasonable. With each individual’s liability counted, I paid only $13.10 for such a fantastic meal! So next time when you’re rushing out to satisfy your McDonald’s craving, think twice – for every two times of you successfully restraining your craving, you are entitled for a fantastic meal at Crystal Jade. Now this sounds more like it, right? :) woots.

On our way back we dropped by 7 Eleven where I bought my first can of beer legally for the first time since my 18th birthday (which was a few weeks back). I guess as mom and dad read this they’ll shake their head in disapproval, but hey I drank only half a can and give my friends the rest because I seriously can’t bear the horrible bitter taste lingering in my mouth. Looks like I won’t be drinking beer for the rest of my life until I learn how to love the bitterness!

Oh and we popped by The Coffee Bean to satisfy our caffeine cravings before going home! Since I’m not a super big fan of coffee (unlike Jeffrey, who drinks up to 5 cans of it a day), so I rewarded myself with a piece of mudpie, which is wonderfully delicious! The photo below will prove my point:

Coffee Bean’s Mudpie

OMG doesn’t it look gorgeous?!

Okay this kind of concludes my Saturday!

P.S. A little gimmick to those who bother to read till the end of the post :) here’s a song, 4Ever, by The Veronicas. You can click on the play button to initiate the download, and then pause it and wait for the song to be loaded completely.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Veronicas

It’s quite a big file, but hope you love the song!

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