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Hwa Chong Open House

Hwa Chong Open House Panorama #1

Yep! Yesterday was my college’s Open House :) as always it is a super grand event, and we have almost every single CCA group hanging their painted banners on the two wings of our A block. It is more like a carnival than open house, because we’ve got the famous icecream vendor Venezia to sell gelato as well as the Student’s Council selling candyfloss (both of which I bought and gulped down! Mmmm!) I was walking around the school with Reihorng, Valerie and Shueli and they keep taking my candyfloss! Haha :razz: I believe it’ve been ages since we all ate candyfloss eh?

Coincidentally the Open House day marks the last official day we college 2 students have to go to school :( awww. I feel kinda sad, but since many of us do take biology (and since the biology lectures are so gooood that nobody dares to miss them, even when they’re optional) I guess we still can see each other before we go into the A Level gas chamber eh? :D heh!

Anyway here’s another (in case you didn’t notice the first one is a panorama as well!) clickable panorama I’ve stitched up for YOU:

Hwa Chong Open House Panorama #2

And here is one interesting photo I’ve taken from the 4th floor… it features the basketball mosaic on the Central Plaza. If I’m not wrong, the Central Plaza used to be a basketball court (or something)…

Central Plaza - Basketball Mosaic

Oh and I took a photo of the balloon decoration the Student’s Council has put up for the grand event! Sadly this image is not really clickable, because I think the original version looks too bad to be put up here. Eeeks! But since it’s a vertical format the size should be able to make you happy.

Central Plaza - Balloon Decor

Later in the evening Sophia invited us to the Art Elective Programme (AEP) Art Exhibiton named Project Peach. Woah, that’s a really cool name! So Shueli, Siyun, Chankeet, Yueqi, Nicholas and I went there at 6.30pm :) anyway the exhibition was held at the brand new Science Research Centre exhibition hall, which blew us off our feet!

Project Peach Logo

There’re loads of art pieces inside, all of which are completely awesome! I mean, if you ask me to replicate any of the artwork inside I’ll just completely screwup! I realised that there are so many budding artists inside my school :) woah. Oh, anyway they’re really kind to allow photography inside the exhibition, so I’ve taken a couple of photos there. This artwork is by far my personal favourite!

Storyboard, literally

It’s literally a storyboard! It’s something like 3D art, where the artist used glue to hold layers of cardboard together as he decorates the frames, making them looking really lifelike! I just love it! Anyway the story is something about the pain of growing up, as a little girl tries to escape her gorwnup shadows and her reluctance to relinquish the memories of her childhood years. Quite sad, but I must say it’s brilliant!

And here’s another artwork. I didn’t get to have a good look at it, but hey it’s really interesting to have your painting getting framed up and displayed in a single line :)

Framed, literally

Oh yea and before I move on I would want to say something about the food they served at the exhibition. It’s a Mediterranean cuisine, and I must say that their cocktails are really wonderful. And not to forget the tasty brownies which Chankeet and Yueqi keep eating :razz: haha! Oh and they have kebab too! OMG!

And here are some of the other works.



2D Art


Hope you guys like this update! After this my blog update pattern will most probably be very erratic given that my A Levels are just a few weeks away. Everything will be over by the end of November. Be seeing you!

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