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Happy Belated Birthday To…

Happy 18th Birthday!

Yay! I’ve turned 18 on the 3rd of October, and yes stop reminding me that this post is seriously overdue :razz: life is getting really hectic and crazy now, considering that the big fat intimidating A Level monster is just one month away from squashing me flat.

First of all I want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday in school that day and the few more days to come :) those people are really lovely angels, and I’m eternally grateful of their kindness and concern. At least I know I’m not forgotten!

Here is a song I want to share with you. It’s called City of Blinding Lights by U2:

Okay here are my thank you notes:

Mom & Dad for creating me at the first place! :mrgreen: this is cheeky. Without them I’ll not be around here (and I shall not elabourate on the process of creating me), and you won’t probably have such a wonderful blog like this… LOL! Mom for gladly carrying me around in her tummy for 9 months and for going through the painful caesarean section to bring me to this world. In contrary to popular belief I’m not a teddy bear who is stitched up from cloth, wools and synthetic fibres!

Brother Adrian for writing me a birthday card! Don’t worry about your design which you claimed to be unsatisfactory! I totally loved it because I know that you’ve put in a lot of effort making it, and not to mention that you remembered my birthday! Awww hugggs!

Shan Chin, Pow & Zhibang for getting me a really nice plushie for me to hug when I’m in bed! It’s kind of cute and big (because they want me to HUG it), and oh did I tell you it is called Moriji :) what a lovely name.

My hostelmates for celebrating my birthday 2 days before the actual one (because there’s another friend’s birthday who falls on the 1st of Oct), and for jokingly wishing me Happy Children’s Day -.- urgh, haha thanks!

Siyun for sending me a birthday SMS the night before, at about 12.30am. Thanks girl because you still remembered my birthday although you should be mugging really hard late into the night!

Ivan for telling me the next day that he intended to send me one but he forgotten. Come on I don’t blame you for that! Haha! It’s really nice for him to actually remind himself to send me a message, although he’ve lost track of time later in the night.

The Chockies (aka Robert, Wahtoon, Simon, Ivan and whatnots) for giving me a fabulous looking USB cupwarmer the day before (since they can’t wait to give it to me)… I must say it’s a perfect gift for a tech geek like me!

Che Hsien for drawing a really lovely birthday card! It’s that kind of birthday card which you can unfold and reveal the contents inside it, which is really creative of him to do so! Thank you! Oh and he gave me a pair of Nike socks… woah that’s cool!

The Ostro Gang (Yuting, Kityeng and Yingchern) for giving me a toy which helps me to scratch my back / give me a good punch / massage my back or whatever, as well as a nice cute letter which included all of your birthday wishes for me. Thank you!

Class 06S75 (my class, that is) for singing me a birthday song on my birthday during Maths tutorial! Haha I’m thrilled that you guys remembered my birthday!

Reihorng for repeatedly slapping my back and wishing me happy birthday. Yeowch, but nonetheless thank you!

Bryan my ex secondary school classmate who really rememebered my birthday and texted on that day, and for giving me sweets (haha!) on my birthday.

Mrs Ong my GP tutor for remembering my birthday and for giving me a really nicely decorated birthday card!

Here are some photos of my birthday presents! Click on them to view the larger images.

Moriji Scott the Cupwarmer Birthday Card from Che Hsien Boxing Gloves?

Turning 18 means a lot to me! 18 is the legal drinking age, so this means that I can now legally drink alocoholic drinks, but I swear that I will not touch beer in the years to come unless I learn how to appreciate beer sells because of its strongly repulsive (to me, that is) bitterness.

I can light a cigarette, but hell no I’m not going to kill myself that way. It’s slow and painful suicide, and even if I really wanted I would’ve chosen euthanasia. Haha!

18 means that I can watch, urm, certain movies which people younger than me can’t. Muahaha. I don’t wish to further elabourate on that idea, but the basic idea is there yep.

I can get a driving license if I want to, but being a person who loves nature more than himself I guess I’ll stick to public transport by the moment. Save the earth!

And the list goes on.

This kind of concludes my 18th birthday! I’ve got some other things that are tucked nicely under the read more that, but the words underneath the tag may be upsetting to you. User consent is required. If you don’t want to know, just don’t read :)

Before I end this main post here are the tag replies you guys have been waiting for!

hp84: i like the waterfront pictures!!
Aww thank you! I love the photos too, and I’m really glad that you like them as well!

dakota: heyyyyyy!!! love the new shoes!!
I love them to bits as well! The shoes are really nice, although they’ve punched a big hole in my wallet!

michelle: ello. wp 2.3 is out. have you upgraded your blog yet? ugh. sometimes i feel so sian to upgrade all the time!! hehehehe
Nope I have not because my school server blocks FTP access so there’s simply no way for me to update my wordpress. Anyway the new WP 2.3 is jam-packed with a lot of new features, and so I’m not really sure that whether my current theme is compatible with it… I think I’ll sort things out only when I’m back home! Yea I must say that it’s pretty frustrating having to upgrade everytime, and the problem is that for every update you run the risk of screwing up your blog!

smashp0p: wah u really like teaching fotoshop huh
Yes I love posting tutorials, because I think such skills and information should be shared with other people :) everyone benefits from your action… isn’t that great?

hp84: useful tutorial.. thanks
Thanks for your compliment!

iwan: hello adik…
Hello abang! Haha glad that you dropped by!

allie: hey, terry! this is your cousin, alicia. haha. found your blog through smashpop. anyway, your photos so nice. and great photoshop tutorials… heh. | i’ll link your blog. and see you soon. take care!
Hey hi there! I never thought you have a blog and I never dream about you finding out my blog! Haha! And it’s funny that you found my blog through smashp0p and not from our cousins :) lol! Okay thanks!Anyway I’ve linked you too!

med: hey terry..this is your cousin here as well…daniel ;)…got this from my sis…very nice and well done. Great photos and editing. Keep it up !!
Woah thanks a lot for dropping by! And gosh thanks for the compliments!

Cing: hi teddy, nice blog and i’ve been following tutorial about photoshop all the time,has taught me a lot…just wanted to ask if u have any idea about how to create an image, i mean 3D images like a car, bikes, planes, dogs, animals etc? i would like to learn some of those if you’re good at it too
Hey Cing thanks for dropping by and tagging! Glad to have you around :) I’m not good at graphic design and creation of 3D objects, since they involve using other softwares such as ImageReady and AfterEffects or even Flash… I’m only good at using Photoshop! Sorry. Maybe you can try Googling for such tutorials because I believe they’re plenty of them out there!

This is the rest of the entry…

This year’s birthday wasn’t a particularly happy one. I don’t know how to put that feeling in words, but basically the birthday mood is simply not there. Many things happened to me the week before my birthday, which includes the devastating departure of a friend whom I treated so well. No he’s not dead, just that he’ve left me and broke my heart.

I treated him like a friend but he didn’t. I tried to help him whenever I can, such as helping him with his homework and assignments, so that he won’t be falling behind from others and get disadvantaged. His birthday falls somewhere earlier this year, and I gave him presents and wrote him letter, something which I do for every good friend that I have.

But then last week he told me that for all the things I’ve done, someone else can do it for him too. He doesn’t need me anymore. He told me that I’m merely an accessory of his life, and that he never see me as his friend. I was totally shocked and no words can express what went through my mind that moment. It was as if he just killed my soul, just extinguished the flame of my life.

He made me feel like a big joke, for treating others too well and yet getting nothing in return. He took things I do for him for granted, and he doesn’t give a damn that on many occasions I worked my heart out just to help him.

He left, as suddenly as he appeared in my life, taking away part of my soul. I cried for nights, and the feeling got even worse on my birthday. He didn’t bother to wish my happy birhtday, let alone a simple but sincere gift.

For the rest of the week I felt like a zombified person, and I changed all my playlists to really sad songs to numb myself from the painful feelings that are killing me inside. It hurts to much that I even wished someone could just take me away.

And then there’s another person in my school whom I’m very close to, and yet on my birthday he didn’t even bother to say happy birthday to me, just like the person above. That further shattered my heart, and it is as if he’s rubbing salt on my bruised heart.

On my birthday, my whole day was revolving around school and assignments so much that I spent the whole evening and night doing my assignments. I didn’t even have the time to treat myself to something nice or do something groundbreaking (like having my first legal alcoholic drink etc.) . And I realised that I’ve just wasted my birhtday when the clock struck 12. I was so upset that I rang mom up and just told her everything going through my mind.

Mom is really nice for being a really good listener. After listening to my ramblings she told me that we treat people the way we want and not because of what we want to get in return. Friends to a person are just like leaves to a flower. We can’t live without a single friend, but then it doesn’t hurt much to lose a friend, just as how a flower has to shed its wilting leaves. Thank you mom. Your words woke me up.

You can see how upset I was on my birthday, that I created this poster and intended to use it in the main post:

18th - Not the kind of birthday I wanted

Happy birthday to me. I’ve learnt something new.

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