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Singapore Waterfront

*This post is very special… special as in every single photo (except the Esplanade sign photo) displayed here are merely thumbnails, so you can click on them for the larger versions (and view them in the lightbox)! I did so to ensure that people who have lower Internet connection speed can also view the photos :razz: heh.

The title probably explains what I did on Sunday! Well I put on the pair of new Converse shoes I’ve bought the day before and headed off for the waterfront area near Singapore downtown just to grab some nice photos to share with you people :mrgreen: haha! But before I start erm here are some photos of my new shoes! Special thanks to mom for giving me the green light to buy it and dad for offering a 100% subsidy for the shoes (but haha I don’t think I need the subsidy dad :) it’s kind enough for you to let me buy it!)…

My new pair of Converse shoes in its original package! My new pair of Converse shoes

EsplanadeOkay back to the main topic. I started my journey from City Hall MRT, walked past Citylink Mall and arrived at Esplanade. The last time I’ve been to Esplanade was more than a year ago when I met up with my secondary school classmates for an unofficial (and pretty crazy) Chinese New Year reunion dinner at Makan Sutra (not Karma Sutra!)… every single bit of it still replays in my mind! Oh, and if you’re interested to go there and feast on the fantastic food, Makan Sutra is right beside Esplanade.

Anyway, upon arrival the very first thing I had in mind was to head for the roof terrace where you’ll get a breathtaking view of the Central Business District (CBD). But be warned that you’ll be out for a baking / sunbathing session if the weather is really hot… so remember to get some umbrella or sunshades, or you’ll risk burning your skin!

Here are the photos taken over there:

Singapore Flyer Rooftop Roof Alone?

Rooftop Garden Flow Balcony View Skyscrapers

Esplanade Roof Terrace Panorama

The above panorama is the largest one I’ve ever stitched so far – it uses 19 photos in total and another 20+ minutes for the stticher to put everything into a single piece. There are imperfect stitches in the panorama itself due to the perspective of the individual photos… but I think they don’t really affect the aesthetics of the panorama significantly eh? After lingering on Esplanade’s roof terrace for about 30 minutes I decided to take a walk to the Merlion Park which is on the opposite side of the Singapore River via the Esplanade Bridge.

Esplanade Bridge Garden City Symmetry 01 Symmetry 02

Tourists Merlion Couple Posing

The Esplanade Panorama


Actually the above image is a panorama stitched from 3 separate images because I don’t have wide angle lenses to help me capture the entire scene that I wanted. So I have to resort to the primitive photo-stitching way, nevertheless the effect still looks pretty well, just that the rightmost 2 buildings look “wobbly” in the photo because of problems matching identical points in 2 adjacent photos.

I took the long way back, walking from Merlion Park across Anderson Bridge, taking a few random photos as I walked:

Riverside Reflection Anderson Bridge Lamp

Lamp Park Cityscape Swisshotel

Singapore River Panorama

Hope you all love this update :) be seeing you!

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