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It’s Almost Over!

I can see my jovial self in the reflection of the monitor as I type this post :razz: we have one more (and very irritating) Chemistry paper to go, and guess what it’s a miserable multiple choice question (MCQ) paper that doesn’t justify the extra one day added to our prelims timetable! The timetable committee should’ve place this paper on the same day as Chemistry paper 2 so that they’ll let us die with dignity (since for this time Chemistry prelim papers are out for a massacre!)… geez.

Oh yep, the invigilator for my class for Tuesday’s Chemistry paper 2 completely pissed me off. About 10 minutes from the start of the paper she started CONFISCATING our correction tapes / fluids claiming that students are not encouraged (how ironic, because she’s forcefully and probably unrightfully confiscating our stationaries) to use them during examinations. Hmmmm. After submitting the paper I chekced through the instructions and gosh they didn’t mention a single thing about “discouraging usage of correction tapes / fluids”. Nyargh. BUt it’s okay. If I didn’t do well for the paper I can blame her for unlawfully confiscating my stationary which caused grevious personal harm which indirectly led to my inability to think coherently…

And hmmm today’s Biology paper 3 is as hard as expected, but thank God the essay question is kind of a giveaway thing if you spent time memorising the comparison tables and the ethical issues on genetically modified organisms (what the hell now the paper sounds more like a GP paper!). After that the guys left for McDoanlds over at King Arthur Park, and I’m stupid enough to wait for lunchtime (because when we reach there McDonalds was still serving breakfast until 11am) while I stare at my friends munching down the tasty pancakes. Yikes, I should’ve ordered them.

Exam stuff aside, here comes my ramblings…

Anyway dad (and sometimes mom) reads this blog, and I’m kinda glad that they give me the freedom that caught me by surprise. According to most of my blogging friends who are somewhere around my age, their parents impose severe restrictions on their blogging activity, and in the end they have to self-censor their own blog posts which defeats the purpose of blogging. Don’t forget that you’re out there to tell people about your trueself (okay I know there are cyber psycho/perverts who conceal their real identities…) and not meticulously censored and filtered image of your ownself. So here is a big thanks for dad and mom for treating me like a grownup with his own ideas and thoughts, and at the same time respecting the freedom that I’m enjoying now :) thanks again!

I think there is one person with superpowers in my class, and he’s Robert. For some reason which I can’t really explain (instead of blaming it on my intelligence why not just say that Robert has superpowers?) he seems to be able to dig out the funniest of all videos from YouTube and share it on our classblog. Recently he dug up this video which contains snippets of clips from the famous American animated sitcom called The Family Guy. It’s flooded with sarcasm (so my warning is that it can be offensive to some) but isn’t that what (almost…) everyone is looking for? I tried searching for the video today but looks like YouTube has removed it. So I’ll have to use another one which shows how it parodied the movie Panic Room :mrgreen: it’s super funny!

[Edit] Looks like 2o0th Century Foxis having a lot of fun asking YouTube to remove videos featuring its copyrighted productions. Gah! I’m not blaming them because I do respect others intellectual property rights… I just blame the uploaders for giving us false hope. [/Edit]

I was flipping through my photo archive today afternoon and hey, I found this photo taken outside Midvalley Megamall in my home country (in case you still don’t know I’m not a Singaporean)…


I’m impressed by how much patience it takes for a Malaysian to live in his home country. Every morning you wake up to the blaring tunes of the cars, on the way to work you get stuck in a serious but common traffic congestion that stretches out beyond your sight, during lunchtime you have vehicle exhaust and soot as your complementary dessert, drink carbonated beverages (since all that carbon monoxide and dioxides get dissovled in them), and in the evening you spent an hour of your life waiting for your turn to pay toll, and another on waiting for the bottleneck wreck to clear up. Even on weekends when you decide to get a breather to go shopping, you’ll find yourself caught in traffic jams again…

Tomorrow is liberation day! Hiphip hurray!

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