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Bus Uncle!

I was visiting Wikipedia today and saw The Bus Uncle being posted as today’s featured article. According to the article, “The Bus Uncle” is a Cantonese video clip of an argument between two men aboard a bus in Hong Kong on April 27, 2006. While the older man, who came to be nicknamed the Bus Uncle, scolded the person behind him, a nearby passenger used his camera phone to record the entire incident to provide evidence for the police in the event of a fight. The resulting six-minute video was uploaded to the HK Golden Forum, YouTube, and Google Video. The clip became YouTube’s most viewed video in May 2006, attracting viewers with its rhetorical outbursts and copious use of profanity by the older man, receiving 1.7 million hits in the first 3 weeks of that month.

The video contains the use of profanities, so user discretion is required… urm, basically it means that legally (okay, just to be on the safe side of law!) you’ll need to be above 16 years of age to watch the video. And I know you won’t listen to me :razz: haha.

The “Bus Uncle” in the video reminds me of a rude incident a few months ago. I was queuing up for this ATM machine at Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall and suddenly this guy cut into the queue, and the lady right in front was so shocked she didn’t say anything except for dropping her jaws onto the floor. As a, urm, responsible citizen (okay wait I’m not Singaporean but just assume that I’m a citizen :mrgreen: haha!) I stepped forward and kindly told him to queue up. And he shouted at me in the face and started throwing me a whole load of incomprehensible arguments and, urgh, gallons of saliva. Only when I insulted him to be illiterate and uncivilised and only when the crowd was starting to gather around us he left me alone. Phew! Thank God nobody recorded the incident.

2 more days to Prelims. I should be mugging my butt off now! Gotta run!

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