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A Meaningful Friday

That was about 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been pretty busy lately so I have to delay all my posts. Prelims are screeching near so most probably you’ll see me missing in action for the next 2-3 weeks. Geez this is driving me crazy because I’ve too many things to say and yet I have too little time to write about them. Nyaargh.

Last Friday Smashp0p, Rames and their Astro colleagues from Malaysia grabbed the chance of a long weekened break (because Malaysia’s National Day falls on Friday, 31st Aug) and came over to Singapore to cover the Heroes Asia World Tour event at Viviocity. Pause. That’s really bad for me to throw such a long (and most probably gramatically incorrect as well) sentence to you, so here’s some time for you to digest before we move on.

So I met up with Smashp0p (a.k.a. Jason) and Rames at Viviocty. We squeeeeezed into the deafening and suffocating crowd and waited for the stars to appear. Then there was this lady who’ve got the passes into the area (where you can meet up with the starts up close!) and Jason grabbed the chance to ask for 2 passes from her! And so he and Rames got in, while I waited outside lor.


Standing beside the red carpet I’ve got 2 Cedar Girls Secondary School students apparently going crazy over the stars! Even when they have not arrived they started screaming and their screams are so deafening! They nearly punctured my eardrums…

Thank God they’ve got passes into the area because the crowd was so near to the verge of boling over the stars had these really big bodyguards wrapping around them while they made their smashing entrance and gee I realised how bad it feels to be a sardine.

And when the stars were leaving Vivocity the crowd just went berserk and everyone starting running all around the place just to get hold of the stars or something. I’ve got a photo to prove it! Look at the photo and you’ll know what’s the feeling of being caught in a stampede…

Define: CHAOS

If you examine the photo properly, you’ll see 1. Greg Grunberg (casted for Matt Parkman), 2. Ali Larter (casted for Nikki / Jessica Sanders) and 3. Masi Oka (casted for Hiro Nakamura). My favourite is Ali Larter because I loved her roles in the movies Final Destination and the upcoming Resident Evil: Extinction! I think she’s really good in acting, especially in Final Destination 1 and 2 :razz: Okay although I didn’t get close enough to them but hey seeing them is lucky enough of me because people on the Ground Floor can’t even see them!

Here is a panorama (stitched from 7 photos) of the stage after the event. I didn’t manage to get a look at it when the stars are around since it’s very crowded up there too. You’ve to click on the thumbnail to see the big one.

Heroes @ Vivocity

Anyway when I was away from that crazy mob crowd I caught a breather on the rooftop deck of Vivocity. Here are some other random photos I’ve taken up there.



After that I met up with the rest of the blogging friends at Harbour Front MRT – Jennifer, CK (not my classmate but another colleague of Jason who coincidentally have the same initials), Yao, Bobby and Shikin. For the rest of the day we went shopping at Orchard, with Shikin as our tour guide since she’s the only Singaporean among us :mrgreen: she’s really nice, like a big sister taking care of everyone. Haha!

The Heeren

NYDC LogoAnd when everyone was getting hungry Shikin recommended NYDC! Yep, that’s the restaurant I’ve been to when my classmates celebrated Valerie’s birthday… but this time we went to the outlet outside The Heeren. It’s really cool since the cafe is in open air and you can hear the tunes of the bustling orchard road (and not to forget having all that exhaust pipe stuff dissolving in your beverages, haha!)… I ordered the spaghetti bolognaise – maybe because it’s easy to prepare or something I’m served first! Muahaha. And all my other blog friends whipped out their dSLRs and started snapping away like there’s no tomorrow :razz: LOL! I took a candid shot of Jen trying to take a photo of my spaghetti…



And when the rest have their food getting served… they continued taking photos :D lol!

Jason and Shikin

Shikin was really nice to treat everyone for dinner at NYDC! She’s a really kind and generious person :) here is a big THANK YOU to Shikin! After dinner we went to Far East Plaza and I bumped into Felicia and Jiaying. They shouted, “TERRY!!!” and they scared the daylight out of me haha! Then they said I should be mugging and not shopping… haha yea I think I should be mugging too! But since it is really rare to have my blog friends coming down to Singapore as a big gang I think it’s worth it to spend a day bringing them around :) haha!

At about 9.30pm we went to the KTM Railway Station at Tanjong Pagar to send them off. Shikin and me were joking about crying and chasing after the train (like in many cliche Korean / Chinese drama scenes)… haha :mrgreen: but it’s sort of sad to send them off. I’m glad that I’ve got the chance to hang around with them!

Shikin offered me a ride back to the hostel after sending them off, and along the way back we talked a lot! I’m glad that we find many common things to talk about and we sort of clicked! Yay!

Back in the hostel I was totally exhausted, but I exchanged some messages with Shikin and Jason before sleeping. Thank you all who came down to Singapore on Friday and Shikin for such a wonderful day! Be seeing you!

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