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Happy Birthday!

Singapore National Day 2007

A big happy 42nd birthday to Singapore! Today is the 9th of August, the National Day of Singapore :mrgreen: may all Singaporeans enjoy this special day that marks the birth of their wonderful country! Although I’m a Malaysian (yes I am), I love my experience of living and studying in Singapore because it’s simply a very nice country to live in, with all that social stability, peace, democracy and equality. It’s really hard to find a lot of countries nowadays that actively promotes care for the elderly, racial harmony and welfare for everyone… but Singapore is definitely a proud country to be able to do so! So hey there all Singaporeans out there you guys are really lucky to be born in Singapore! Haha!

This year’s National Day Parade is really special – they are making it happen on a floating platform at Marina Bay instead of at Kallang Stadium last year since the stadium is being demolised to make way for new development :razz: this year’s experience must be a very special one, considering that the people participating in the parade will have a great view of the downtown skyscrapers and the Esplanade!

Oh and here’s a big happy birthday to Valerie! Her birthday was yesterday (and I got it mixed up – I thought it’s tomorrow!) and so after National Day celebration we went to NYDC at Wheelock’s Place to have lunch with her :razz: here are some photos taken over there…

Valerie’s Birthday - @ Wheelock's Place

(L-R) Valerie, Samantha, Eunice and Sophia.

We had lunch at NYDC, so after that we got Kirby the waiter to help us take a group photo. It’s really very kind of him! Look, I flashed my ugly teeth to scare you people! They need to be braced really badly… muahaha! The photo is clickable!

Valerie’s Birthday - @ NYDC

(L-R) Lekchia, me, Sophia, Yueqi, Eunice, Valerie, Samantha and Nicholas.

Have fun everyone!

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