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Phew~ It’s Weekend!

Everytime when it’s Monday I’m already praying for the weekend to arrive… school life is sucking all the energy out of me, and with all that rocket-speed revision lectures and chocking heaps of revision exercises I’m desperately gasping for fresh air. I have to reluctantly neglect this blog for some time after this post (perhaps a post per week from now on?) since I can’t afford to waste my free time anymore. But don’y worry, 4 months later I’ll be glad to be one of the thousands of college people who are liberated from this hellish, nightmarish lifestyle.

I will most probably unable to reply your comments and tags, as well as leave comments at your blogs as frequent as before. This seriously bugs me a lot because I know how much it feels to have one less person reading your blog for the next 4 months, but please bear with it. I will be back in full swing when everything is over :razz:

Rambling starts now.

1. Today is…

Rei HorngSunday Reihorng’s birthday! 5th of August, thank you ck for reminding me it isn’t on the 3rd! I nearly made myself look like the biggest fool ever for telling him that I’ll gonna stay up until 12am on the 2nd of August so that I can send him a birthday sms or something. Haha! Oh dear did I just revealed some embarrassing detail about my clumsy self?

Being the tallest guy in the class he’s surely tall, but haha believe me he’s a very nice and fun-loving guy at heart. He helps me whenever I needed help, so thank you so much for being my friend since you joined the class last year :) I can’t imagine my school life being so fun without him! Anyway he’s a perfect bug lover and loves to use little bugs to impress the guys (and scare the girls sometimes)… which makes him a really interesting person to be with especially when you’re going for a walk in some forest or something (because he’ll most probably catch a bug and give you surprise).

So here’s a big happy birthday to Reihorng!

2. At the End of the Rainbow

Life is very hectic lately and the mere thought of the freaking A Levels gives me chills down my spine! Although my parents have rest assured me that they’ll be happy for me no matter what I get in the end, I keep telling myself that I can’t let them down, especially after being 6 years in Singapore :D I will try my best. But of course not to become insane at the same time! Mom told me a week ago that she’ve confimred her hotel bookings at Genting Highlands this year end – and it will be a particularly special one since my family will be going with my uncle’s family (4 days 3 nights – can you imagine all the fun we will have?) :mrgreen: woots! It’ve been about 8 years since this 2 families ever go to Genting Highlands together… here are some photos to keep me going! Photos are from my trips to the resort in July and December 2006.

Press N to navigate forward and P to navigate backwards.

Genting Highlands December 2006 - Ahead Genting Highlands December 2006 - Greenery Genting Highlands December 2006 - Morning 01 Genting Highlands December 2006 - Morning 02

Genting Highlands December 2006 - Turbodrop Genting Highlands December 2006 - Spinner @ Night Genting Highlands December 2006 - Sculpture Genting Highlands December 2006 - Dad & Brother

Genting Highlands July 2006 - Horizon Genting Highlands July 2006 - Spinner Genting Highlands July 2006 - Pebbles Genting Highlands July 2006 - Ferris Wheel

Genting Highlands July 2006 - Panorama 01 Genting Highlands July 2006 - Panorama 02 Genting Highlands July 2006 - Panorama 03 Genting Highlands July 2006 - Panorama 04

3. School Life

Here are some snapshots of my school life at my classbench :D haha! Although exam pressure is high everyone is still trying to enjoy school as much as possible, as we all know that we can be together not for long.

School Life 34 School Life 35 School Life 36 School Life 37

4. Earphones…

My earphones spoilt. Again. I’m not bad-mouthing Sandisk’s earphones (which are shipped along with their wonderful Sansa e-200 series mp3 players) but looks like they could not survive my clumsy way of handling them everyday. So they spoilt, with one side working whenever it loves and the other side completely muted. Great, I thought. Last week ck told me that his earphones are really great, and gosh they cost him a wholly S$300+. That’s like WOAH, but I think it’s worth it. Asked him where did he bought it and he said at Causeway Point (that’s like the other side of the island!). Over the weekend I went over there and found this shop called Stereo, and they have a whole range of different earphones, from those S$6 kind to those S$175+ kind (I didn’t see ck’s S$300+ kind though). I told the shopkeeper my budget and he recommended me Creative’s EP-360 ear canal earphones. It was really kind of him to let me try it out first, and gosh the bass booster driver rocks. Yay, now I have a new earphone. Thanks ck!

Creative Earphones

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