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@ Island Creamery

I should’ve posted this on Monday but hehe I was procrastinating! I felt so lethargic lately I keep sleeping once I’ve grabbed the chance to do it.

Monday the school announced a half-day-off because of the wonderful results we’ve got for the track and fields finals. But the evil Chemistry department asked us to stay back for lecture since teachers say that we J2s cannot afford to miss any lectures since prelims are getting closer by the second. Gah! So we stayed back and went to check out our bacteria culture plates at laboratory. My group’s plate was contimated, but thank God the crucial plate we needed was clean! Rejoice.

Later in the day we went to Island Creamery with most of the people from my class. Shared a tub of Latte ice-cream with Reihorng, Lekchia and Nicholas. Actually I was hoping that they’re selling the brandied cherry I loved so much (I had it during my previous visit) but too bad they said they didn’t have it. Hmmm. Anyway, the trip was fun! Here is a group photo (clickable) we’ve taken over there. I think they’ve pasted the photo on the wall in the cafe, so yea if you happen to drop by do check it out!

@ Island Creamery

1st row: Me, Lekchia, Reihorng, Nicholas, Claire, Shueli, Chankeet, Siyun, Yiwei, Eunice, Valerie.
2nd row: Robert, Chris, Wahtoon, Sean.

Sorry I have a really bad hair day. My hair sucks! Yikes. Anyway here are some other random photos taken over there:




Have a nice day everyone!

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