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Weekend @ Vivocity

IvanBefore I start…

21st of July is Ivan’s birthday (as well as the release date of the 7th Harry Potter Installment)! So here’s a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ivan! Haha! Well in case you don’t know who Ivan is… basically he’s one of my best friend, a starplayer (okay only people in my class will understand), a big Lindsay Lohan fan, a guy that is willing to die for a Louis Vuitton bag, a whiny and werid guy (but hey it’s fun to have this kind of people around you when you’re bored and have the urge to get gossipy)… although he may appear to be a cash-flushed rich kid, actually he’s just a normal guy-next-door kinda person at heart :)

He always bully me, so it is really kind of me to wish him Happy Birthday here and not to forget staying up until 12am to send him a birthday sms! :mrgreen: Ivan you better be grateful! Haha!

And I would like to thank Ivan because his birthday gave me the perfect excuse to go town this weekend! Before I notice anything I find myself wandering around Vivocity again! Vivocity surely sounds familiar to you if you’ve read my previous trip to Vivocity, but this time I’m on a special mission – to find Ivan his birthday present and to get some nice photos taken :razz: heh. Here is a photo to make you click the read more button for more photos…

Anyway, for your information all photos are clickable – you can click on them to view them in a larger resolution. Again, to prevent you from frantically clicking along, you can actually press ‘N‘ to view the next photo and ‘P‘ to view the previous one.

Let’s go!

Little Girl


For the first time in my life I tried to take photos of people ;) hope they look nice! Although I did attract some strange stares from people, the photos turn out to be magnificent when I look at them yesterday night. Haha!






Water Fun!

Sky Garden



Not to forget I finally found a present I think Ivan will like at Shibuya Connection! The shop sells really nice stuff that are affordable and yet unique :D yippe. Hope you love the photos :) Be sure you tell me which one is your favourite if you decide to leave a comment. Thanks!

P.S. Well after typing this post I realised that I’m in love with 2 photos – Little Girl and Sky Garden. The girl looks so cute and cuddly while the sky looks really nice in the Sky Garden photo :mrgreen: hehe!

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