Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

33 Reasons Why

33 reasons told in 33 photos why I will not want to say goodbye to school. Reality check – we have about 5 weeks left to be as a class attending lessons and lectures together. After that we’ll sit for our preliminary exams and then we’ll have a study break until A Level arrives.

I was browsing through my photo archives (now a wholly 3.2GB big :mrgreen: which is definitely a good thing!) I stumbled upon many photos taken during my life in junior college. 2 years is definitely short, but it is really meaningful. I picked 33 special photos out of the hundreds of them, because every one of the tells its own story.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger version of the images in Lightbox. The images are pretty large (largest ones are at 800×600 px, so be prepared to wait, but the wait is surely worht it), since I believe that such nice memories shall be presented as big as possible. Press N to navigate forward and P to navigate backwards (so that you don’t need to keep clicking :razz: haha!). Enjoy :) heh.

School Life 01 School Life 02 School Life 03 School Life 04

School Life 05 School Life 06 School Life 07 School Life 08

School Life 09 School Life 10 School Life 11 School Life 12

School Life 13 School Life 14 School Life 15 School Life 16

School Life 17 School Life 18 School Life 19 School Life 20

School Life 21 School Life 22 School Life 23 School Life 24

School Life 25 School Life 26 School Life 27 School Life 28

School Life 29 School Life 30 School Life 31 School Life 32

School Life 33

Okay you guys win finally I had my face shown in the last photo while I was desperately trying to keep my look a mystery since I started blogging. Well it’s not much of an exposure… and anyway the photo is so priceless I told myself I must post it.

Hope you all like the photos :) sorry school is getting crazier by the day so I won’t be updating this blog so frequently from now on.

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