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Update Time – Shah Alam Park

In case you’re looking for tag replies, they’re at the bottom of this post :)

Yay, block test 2 is finally over. I must say that it is a horrifying experience – all the papers are so hard to do I can rarely guarantee myself a pass in any of them. But at least it’s over, so while I wait for the results to be released I shall try to enjoy life. The Prelims are just a mere 2 months away, and I do not have much time to have fun before A Level starts. Gee!

Anyway, this post should be posted 2 weeks ago, when my aunt (read her blog – it’s super interesting and funny!) brought my cousin (Kenneth), my brother and I to a really nice community park in Shah Alam! OMG the scenery there is awesome, and the entire park is dotted with lots of different kinds of plants, and they even have cute little animals like porcupines and deers kept in captivity for people to look at (actually I feel quite bad about that) I’m quite astonished that such a park still exist in Malaysia where the government prefers concrete jungles over authentic rainforests :mrgreen:

Since there are too many photos, I’ve decided to post them in a different way – in a mosaic! I’m not sure whether you guys like it, since you’ll need to click on the images to view them at their original resolution. But fret not – if you want to view them all together, just press the ‘N’ button so that you’ll move on to the next one (that’s why people say Lightbox rocks!) :razz: okay then. Enjoy!

Browsing tip – Press N to navigate forward and P to navigate backward.

Ant Brother & Cousin Fern Flow

Flower & Bee Hibiscus Into the Woods Observation Tower

Orangey Red Water Droplets White 01

Hope you guys love the photos! Haha! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Okay, here are the tag replies I’ve been dying to do after shifting to a new webserver!

jamie: OMG I’m so sorry to hear that! So did you get your computer fixed in the end? Anyway, I brought my laptop for diagnosis and the technician told me that the entire hard drive is dead. So I bought a new one and lost loads of un-backedup information along with the darn gadget! Haha!

denise: Yep! Actually I realised that almost everyone of us is lucky enough to be blessed with such a great family! I have my supernice mom and supercaring dad, and a superactive brother which never fails to make me laugh :D

vz: … -.-”

iwan: Hello abang! How are you doing? Hope everything is doing fine for you!

adrian: Happy holidays to you too!

melissa: Haha! Actually I’m not really fond of shopping – I just tag along with mom. No, wait. Sometimes I didn’t even want to go! She just drag me along, saying that it’s time for me to dumb that old wardrobe and get new clothes for me :razz: haha!

karen Q: Hey Karen! I miss you a lot! Glad to see that you’re back in action :) heh! Thanks for your wishes! Holiday is fine~ I really enjoyed myself!

smashp0p: Haha are you jealous or something? Okay next time when you come to Singapore I’ll go… window shopping with ya.

hp84: Hi there! My blog is currently hosted by MesraHosting.

dakota: Woah thanks for the compliment :) haha my neighbourhood is quite a nice place, but the safety here is deteriorating recently. Quite bad, but still a nice area to live in!

milky: Meow? LOL! Hihi! Haha thanks for tagging anyway.

Nonnie: Hope everything is going well for you! Well students are surely going to be a little perky on the first week of school, so hang in there Nonnie!

iwan: Heya abang I’m doing fine! No cause for worry! Haha! I’m far from being dead :razz: I’m breathing. Hoozah.

smashp0p: SMASHPOP!!! Haha.

LogicYuan: Ooh thanks for your wishes! It’s over now! Finally :D

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