Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Cute Kittens!

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Before I start writing, I just want to tell you that I'll be switching to another webhosting company soon, and so don't be panicky if you don't see this blog. And I'll leave comments, reply your comments and tags by this weekend! So sorry for the delay.

Okay, here we go. 

There is this quiet little backlane in my neighbourhood, and every evening (if the weather permits me to do so) I'll cycle there to meet up with my cute little kittens! They are not actually mine, but everytime when I pay them a visit they'll rub their heads against my leg. Awww isn't that lovely? The first time I met them I expected them to be alarmed of a stranger, but most probably because I look dumber and way more defenceless than them they snuggled up with me pretty quickly.

Last week I rode past the backlane and they were standing there as if they were waiting for me :razz: the one in grey gave a soft purr and walked towards me. Haha! I would love to have them as my pets but i think they live with a family around the backlane. Geez. They're such little angels!

After playing with them for a while I started to take photos of them. Surprisingly they're not afraid of the gadget at all, and sort of posed in front of the camera. The white kitten was a little too playful – for many times as I bent down to take a photo of it, it tries to grab the camera strap with its claws! Since they always love to rub their heads against my leg I would have to run away from them whenevr I wanted to take a photo. It was surely tiring running around, but looking at the photos later on my computer made me think otherwise :mrgreen: my efforts sort of paid off!

And here are the photos…

Cute Kittens

Cute Kittens

Cute Kittens

They're really cute right? 

[Edit] Here is a photo which I missed out in the last post. I'm getting really absent-minded lately…


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