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My dear Windows XP refused to boot, even in Safe Mode, for some yet-to-be-determined reason. Anyway this is the first time ever I find myself so calm in the face of disaster. If this would happen a few years back I would have gone nuts over trying desperately to get the damn laptop working again.

When Windows refused to boot the nth time, what ran through my mind was, “Oh gosh. It won’t boot.” Full stop. Nothing like, “Oh crap, it’s all over! It’s all gone! It’s doomsday! I’m dead. OMG. What should I do”, and then ringing up my dad in the wee hours of the morning seeking help.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve grown more mature emotionally… considering that I’ve made a backup copy a few months back I don’t have a lot to lose. Anyway I’m quite confident that it’s a software error rather than a hardware error so the chances of recovering whatever information stored in my laptop is pretty high :D haha!

By right I should be posting the photos I’ve taken yesterday (at Ms Wang’s wedding, going LAN with Toon, Reiz and Lek and guitar concert)… but my Window’s isn’t working. Oh, anyway at Ms Wang’s wedding, this pastor said this very meaningful quote:

There is no happy ending for great love since great love never ends – it goes on to eternity.

I must not say that it’s a good pickup line, but it is really nice of the pastor to say such things since it made me realise what’s behind true love – giving your 100% to another one with no reason. I remembered another quote which goes like:

I don’t understand the reason behind why people want to hurt each other, but what I know is that there is no reason behind why we love and care for each other.

Okays. Welcome back to reality. I wanted to finish mugging econs by this week and guess what, I studied half of the public finance notes, and there are a lot more to go. Great I told myself. I tried to concentrate, but my mind refuses to budge. It’s holiday! Go out and have fun. You’re right. Mrs Ong said that it’s just blocks. 10% only (of the total marks). What’s the big deal? Nice one ;) But yeah she did ask us to try our best… hmmm.

Since my laptop is broken, this blog might have no photos for the moment. Please bear with it :D thank you! Anyway I’m forced to use the school computer. Using the heavily-contaminated keyboard and mouse (imagine how many oily fingers have touched them over the past 3-5 years) creeps me out, but at least I can still blog. Haha!

Anyway 2 people made big bucks on Saturday. If not mistaken, Robert and CK. Gosh. I would have went to look for some temporary job I get extra pocket money. But the scholarship agreement prohibits me to do so. Gee.

Enough of the ramblings. I gotta go ;)

P.S. I watched the movie White Oleander on Channel 5 today afternoon. It’s made from a novel with the same title by Janet Fitch… now I wanted to read the book. It’s a sad movie, but it’s worth watching. It made me realise that I’m blessed with a great mother and a wonderful family. Here is a still shot from the movie taken from IMDB. Photo copyrighted by Warner Bros.

White Oleander 01

(From left) Alison Lohman as Astrid Magnussen & Renée Zellweger as Claire Richards.

Have a great week everyone :mrgreen: I think I’m going to get my laptop repaired tomorrow. Heh!

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