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JTS Photos Uploaded!

Before I start spamming the photos, here are the tag replies! Thanks to those people for tagging ;)

adrian: You're welcome! Hope the card motivated you to give it your best ;) I believe that you can do it. Hoozah! Anyway enjoy your holidays!

leonard: Thank you so much for dropping by and tagging! Anyway don't hate me for the ice-cream because I bet you'll find nicer ones over in Penang! Anyway I should be the one to hate you because you get to eat really nice Penang food everyday! Haha!

smashp0p: Awww of course you deserve to indulge in ice-creams! Just remember to eat in moderation and not to get addicted. And I don't believe in torturing your taste buds to keep slim – just exercise the extra calories consumed after eating lor :) hehe!

iwan: Woah! You're making me envious of you! So nice! I'm officially grounded for a month until my mid-year exam ends. Argh! Anyway, enjoy your trip!

Shaz: Eh… actually I don't really understand this tag. Hmmm. But haha thanks for tagging! At least I know you dropped by. Well I do have a photo gallery but it is much abandoned, since I realised I either post my nicer photos on my blog or in my mini photoblog entries… and after all that posting, I have not much photos left for the gallery! Haha!

milky: Yea! That's one of my favourite ride in the theme park!

Nicholas: Thank you so much for the compliment! Awww you're so sweet! Hope the tutorial is of good use to you!

Shaz: LOL! I'm not good in making blogger templates because when it comes to blogger template coding I'm a total noob! I don't understand the blogger language at all. It takes time to learn. But when I get the hang of it, I'll surely make one nice blogger template for you! Haha! 


JTS #8

Anyway, the photos are tucked under the readmore tag since there are simply too many photos!

We had Junior-treat-Senior (JTS) session about one month ago, so hope this gives you a gauge how overdue this post is! I'm sorry for uploading the photos so dead late! I did all the preparation and photoshopping work done but I simply dumped them in a folder hidden deep in my archive, and I totally forgot about their existence until I decided to reorganise my folder yesterday night! Gah *bangs head against wall*

For your information, the photos are heavily edited using photoshop because they are taken under low-light conditons with my lousy camera. Urgh. So the results ain't really nice, and I'm quite sure that if I post the raw photos up here you guys will surely beat me up! Haha! I used the skills mentioned in the recent photoshop tutorial – Multiple Exposure Tutorial. Made by ME. Hehe! 

For JTS, our juniors were nice enough to treat us to Surf 'N' Turf! The food they serve was really really nice and tasty! It's located somewhere inside Funan Digital Life Mall, which is just a stone-throw away from City Hall MRT Station.

JTS #1

JTS #2

JTS #3

JTS #4

JTS #5

JTS #6

JTS #7

JTS #9

JTS #10

JTS #11

JTS #12

JTS #13

JTS #14

JTS #15

JTS #16

This concludes our really nice JTS session! 

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