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Another Crazy Week

This post concludes my another crazy week in school :mrgreen: haha!


1. Tech Geek!

I'm glad that I've found a hidden tech geek in my class! :razz: He doesn't look like one so the discovery sort of surprises me! But I'm more than delighted to know that there is another person who I can turn to when I have some reallyjuicy tech updates and news! Actually I'm not a really tech geek myself… I got influenced by my roomate who is very knowledgable in the forefronts of technology, so I always obtain information on the technology development from him :D sort of leeching, but heck.

That tech geek in class is just like me – we're the die-hard fans of Macintosh and yet we have to use Microsoft for practicality purposes. Very sad right? Our love for Macintosh is based on its awesome functionality as well as it's great user-interface. I love the way of Macintosh organises your things, and not to forget the minimalist design of their products! 

Anyway, here are the download links to Objectdock and StyleXP. Sorry I've forgotten to attach the download links in the previous post… aiks. For your information, Objectdock and StyleXP are totally different programmes. Objectdock gives you this Macintosh-looking dock where you can use it like the tasknbar in Windows (but a more better looking version!), while StyleXP allows you to change the appearance of the interfaces in Windows – I use the Panther theme to make my laptop look as if it has a Mac platform installed! Hehe.

Download Objectdock

Download StyleXP


Here is a warning – for people using Internet Explorer 7.0, the Panther theme provided by StyleXP is incompatible with it. So what I do is that when I click on IE, an error box appears and I disable the ability of StyleXP to influence the appearance of my IE7, and this fixes the bug. Anyway, here is the latest screenshot of my Objectdock :D awww, isn't it a beauty? The image below is clickable – click on it to view the larger version in lightbox :razz:

My Desktop


2. Maxthon

CK recommended me Maxthon. That is my first time I've heard about this internet browser. Anyway I'm a typical firefox user. Not really anti-IE, but then I think it is a joy to browse the internet with firefox… it's just different ;) I went to download Maxthon and installed it, and realised it is almost the same as Internet Explorer 7 (it has tabbed browsing and other cool features), but the feeling it gives me is totally different – it is jampacked with functionality! The feature I loved the most is Maxthon's ability to recognise mouse gestures:

Maxthon - Recognising Mouse Gestures

Isn't it very cool? Now browsing the internet is such a breeze because I no longer need to reach for the keyboard to close a tab, to reload a page, to go forward and backward :mrgreen: this function is pretty awesome! And in fact Maxthon even allows users to set their own mouse gesture commands!

And what I like about it is that it provides several really nice skins for you to choose from! Since I'm a die-hard Mac fan I've chosen the Safari skin, which looks really really great especially when I have my StyleXP switched on and my Objectdock running – my laptop looks more and more like a Mac now! Yippe! The screenshot below is clickable too! Sorry for the shameless self-promotion :razz: LOL!

Maxthon - Screenshot

To know more about Maxthon, you can read the tour Maxthon has posted on its official website, and here is the link to the download page:

Download Maxthon


3. National Netball Competition – Finals

On Wednesday all college 2 students are to support either the netball girls team or the tennis girls team. Out of the 26 people in my class only 10 went (including me), and others citing a colourful spectrum of reasons why-I-will-not-go-to-support. Haha! We decided to support the netball girls team, most probably because the competition was held at Toa Payoh stadium and it's not really far from school ;)

This year RJC seems to have an upper-hand in a lot of competitive sport, and my school's netball girls team lost 42 – 53 if not mistaken. But then I can see that they've tried their best and we did our best to cheer them on, so basically we have no hard feeling :D but then some of their teammates were pretty upset of their loss. I heard that they've got national champion last year. Well I think that as long as you've tried your best, no matter what the outcome is, there is nothing to feel regrettable of. 

After the match 6 of us (Yeenseen, Wahtoon, Chankeet, Yueqi, Yiwei and me) went to Toa Payoh Central to have early dinner. The walk from the stadium to Toa Payoh Central was pretty torturous as we've got that irrtatingly hot evening sun bathing us in its hot rays. I nearly melted. Anyway itwas quite a romantic one too, since we've got to witness how that loving couple (hmmm I choose not to say who and who) walking together in the sun, with the remaining 4 of us trailing behind like some private investigators. Love is all around :)

We settled for Koufu, which means… in Chinese. I don't know how to translate it, heck. So bascially we had a lot of fun and laughter since Wahtoon and Yiwei won't stop throwing sarcasm towards each other. And we have that poor Yeenseen having brainfreeze after eating a super-chilly desert. Me too. I can't feel my tongue! So cold. Anyway I ordered Japanese ramen… the first time in my life since I always think that udon tastes way better than ramen. I've decided to give ramen a try and, hey, it's not bad afterall!


4. Happy Birthday Wahtoon!

Friday is Wahtoon's birthday! He's turning 18 this year. Gah. Now he can get to watch M18 movies legally and I'll have to wait patiently for another 3 months plus for my birthday to arrive. Aieeee. Wrote him a letter yesterday night and passed it to him today morning. Hope he likes it! Ivan got the idea of using many photos of him and his gang mates to make a photo collage, and of course I'm honoured to be called upon to do the photo collage for them! I'm such a nice person la :D muahaha.

Anyway, to Wahtoon, may all your wishes come true! And all the best in your studies and relationship :) you know what I mean la. Don't play too much LAN and get your lazy bum to start studying for the upcoming blocktest! Well but I'm glad to know that you're getting really hardworking lately. All the best! Lots of hugggs for you :mrgreen: hehe.


5. The Last Day fo School! 

Today is the last day of school! Yippe! And here comes the long-waited one-month vacation ;) finally I have the time to really get some rest, because I'm really starving my brain of the sleep it deserves for the past month! I've been staying up very very late and I think that's why it protested – by giving me weird weird dreams.

Our midyear exam, also known as Blocktest 2, will start immediately after the holiday ends. What the hell. The school is trying to make life really difficult for us! Urgh. It's holiday and you don't really have the mood to study because holiday is supposed for us to enjoy ourselves and not mug until we go nuts. But then if we don't study we'll feel guilty. Ahh, the dilemma.

Many of my juniors have already went home, and I really envy them! Now I know how priceless vacations are. When I was in lower secondary level I never really appreciated term breaks and I waste a lot of time just doing nothing. So I've decided to make good use of this vacation!  Anyway I'm returning to Malaysia on the 7th of June and coming back to Singapore on the 17th. Man, I can only stay at home for 10 days! Mom and dad are surely going to miss me a lot. I've not been seeing them for such a long time!


6. Tag Replies! 

Here are the tag replies:

smashpop: Yep! I always want to look at the bright side of life. Let's forget the negatives.

iwan: Yea I'm doing fine ;) thanks for your concern! Well studies are surely going to tough as we approach A levels, but I think I'm managing it pretty well. No worries!

denise: Yay! Do you get to enjoy the one-month break too? Enjoy yourself during the holidays! Finally I can get some really good sleep. Haha!

iwan: Exams are just a month away! Don't worry… I will try my best! Thanks for tagging anyway!


Okay, enough has been said and my fingers are tired from all the typing! May all of you have a wonderful weekend! :mrgreen: see you around! 

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