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One Crazy Week

This post concludes my week! :mrgreen:


1. Weird Weird Weird Dreams!

Weird Dreams

I've been getting really weird dreams lately! Since Tuesday night I've been getting an average of 2 weird (repeat: weird) dreams ago! Serious I think my brain is going nuts after starving it of sleep lately, special thanks to the various subject departments for deciding to pack several lecture tests in one single week. I nearly konked out! Haha! But I survived!

First dream. I dreamt about Ivan and me shopping in a deserted shopping mall for a Louis Vuitton wallet. I clearly remember there is no one else in the dream except for both of us, and it feels pretty spookie because it resembles the scene of an apocalyptic world after some zombie infestation shown in the movie series Resident Evil. But yea I didn't see any single zombie even! Just empty shops and empty shops and empty shops. I thought that we might as well STEAL some bags since there is no one around. Anyway I suspected Ivan for hijacking my dream because I never dream about being so rich that I can afford a Louis Vuitton bag! :razz:

Second dream. The class guys are relaxing at my school's student lounge, affectionately known as "Fishtank". What a cute name by the way :) and then some of the guys are playing piano. It was Chris turn's, followed by CK. The werid thing is that as far as I know CK doesn't know how to play piano and he only knows drumming and playing the guitar. This is already weird enough. But the weirdest thing was that  a big fat snake fell from the sky and started biting people it sees. It lunged ahead and bit CK in the neck, and everyone panicked and scrambled for safety, except for the brave courageous Robert who gave CK first-aid. Hmmm. Maybe I know Robert as a caring and loving classmate? And CK as a person who've got exceptional music talens. *because seriously besides piano I can't play anything else, so being able to play a guiter and drums isn't an easy thing I must say*

Third dream. I was standing in the middle of my school's Central Plaza, and realised all my classmates who were standing beside me were at least 2 to 3 heads taller than me! They were all staring at me, and then I heard this deep loud voice (probably my dream's narrator or something) telling me that I'm the shortest person on earth.

Fourth dream. The volleyball girls team in my school won. Wait. This is a fact. They really did won the nationals. I dreamt about them burning giant josssticks at the school's Central Plaza after celebrating their victorious match. No link at all. So puzzling and cryptic.


2. Embarrassing Moments

Ivan took my random book (it acts as my random diary, notebook and planner) and showed to a couple of other people. LOL! Although I was at the class bench too I was blur enough not to realise that he was holding onto my book and I was happily listening to my MP3 player. Eeeeks! Luckily I snatched it back in time before he reveals too much! I shall buy a lock and lock the damn book up next time :D

Asimov* caught me talking to Reihorng in class again! Why does he always catch me red-handed talking in class while others go un-noticed? Maybe because I talk too loud! Haha :mrgreen: because last time Ms Wang can hear my entire conversation with my friend during biology tutorial although I thought that I was only whispering. Aieeee.

For the first time in my life I ever did try to SMS a friend during lesson because he's facing some problems. Then Mrs Ong caught me SMSing under the table – not once but twice on the same day. Unlucky and embarrassing! Luckily she's a really nice teacher and she didn't confiscate my phone :D thanks!


3. Lazy Bum! 

I've been pretty lazy lately! Nyaaargh. Instead of faithfully waking up at 6am today morning like what I've been doing 5 months ago I slept until 10am, so I ended up not doing my laundry and not exercising. In the end I'll have to sacrifice my Sunday morning for all these stuff!

[Sunday Edit]: I ran 4.8km today! No wait. I ran 4km and jogged for the remaining 800m because I was simply too exhausted! Nyaaargh. Anyway at least I did do some exercise… and most importantly I've got a gorgeous suntan! I'm even darker than my junior who plays basketball often! This is a big achievment for me! Hehe! 

I can't really concentrate on my school work lately, especially if I have my dear random book around where I was always tempted to scribble some random thoughts on it! Hmmmph. Luckily I've got a few really hardworking classmates who always do homework at Fishtank so I'll just force myself to hand around there to tap on their motivation! Hehe :razz: …


4. Printed Photos

I've selected 20 of my favourite photos to print so that I can keep it in my photo album my junior gave me on Valentine's Day (thanks a lot Jolyn)! And I can also paste them in my random book! The below image is created using the awesome image transforming function bundled with Microsoft Office 2007. In fact I tried using Adobe Illustrator but maybe because I'm not familiar with it yet the result sort of sucks :mrgreen: heh. The image the clickable – click on it to view the original collage in lightbox!

My Favourite Photos - Printed

5. Objectdock and StyleXP – Awesome!

I've just downloaded these two really awesome programmes lately! They transformed my dull Windows XP interface to a cool, sleek and elegant Macintosh appearance. Of course the fundamental Windows XP structure still exists – the programmes just change how things look like. Here are a few cool screenshots (clickable! :D haha!)

My Desktop #1


My Desktop #2


Oh, and even Adobe Photoshop CS2 look pretty cool with the Macintosh Panther theme applied! There are a few bugs though (the slightly larger orange buttons for the small windows on the right), but the overall effect is simply stunning!

My Desktop #3


May everyone have a wonderful week ahead! Anyway, the coming will be the last week of our second school term and we'll get a month's holiday! But the bad news is that we have mid-year exam immediately after the holidays, making the vacation pretty meaningless. Hmph.

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