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Multiple Exposure’s Beauty

Multiple exposure? Does the term sound very unfamiliar to you? Well you're surely not the only one. Although I know pretty much about photography, I just got to know the term yesterday as I stumbled upon this on Wikipedia. Wikipedia defines multiple exposure as an exposure in which the sensitivity to light is reduced and then increased at least once during the total exposure time. Sounds complicated but it is actually a pretty painless process :mrgreen: I shall not elabourate on how to create a multiple-exposed photo since I'll be posting a tutorial about it pretty soon (yay!!! :razz: heh). This post is just to let you see how I'm enjoyed myself playing around with the concept.

Multiple exposure allows dark scenes to be displayed beautifully without cranking up the exposure or making us of the curves function in photoshop (which will create a lot of undesirable noise). 

The images below are several images stacked on each other digitally (using Adobe Photoshop), since almost all consumer-grade digital camera does not offer this advanced option. We'll start with the photos that are available in higher resolution (that is, you can click on it and the larger verison will be displayed in the lightbox):

1. Clickable Panoramas!

These images are made using multiple exposure (if not mistaken I stacked at least 3 identical images over each other). And then after doing this for each individual images, I joined then up using a panorama stitcher.  The images below are merely thumbnails. Click on them to view the full panorama :D haha!

Multiple Exposure #1

Multiple Exposure #2

Multiple Exposure #3


2. Clickable Images

And here are normal images that are multiple-exposed. The second one is 6 individual images stacked on each other. Yes it is ME that is inside the photo. I was having a wardrobe malfunciton at that time so that why you see that I'm wearing that horrible looking blue shirt. Haha!

Multiple Exposure #4

Multiple Exposure #5


3. Miscellaneous Images

Miscellaneous doesn't mean that they're not important :mrgreen: they do not come with a larger resolution version because I think they're pretty clear and nice emough to be displayed here. Enjoy!

Multiple Exposure #6

Multiple Exposure #7

Multiple Exposure #8


Well hope that the images are so nice that now you're looking forward to the tutorial! Well I hope I can get it done my next week… so stay tuned! May you all have a wonderful exciting fantastic amazing beautiful pleasant weekend! 

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